Michael Berry’s Choices

First off, there is this thing called plagiarism.  Michael Berry did that today.  You know that he did it purposefully because at the beginning of his show, he cited the source that he read from.  (And my GOD Michale Berry, STOP READING ON THE AIR.  You are not very good at it.)

At the bitter end of his last hour on KPRC, Michale Berry gratuitously recounted the story of a teenage suicide.  He used it for his own political advantage.  You know that Michale Berry is on the side of the bullies.  So, he read this without citation to his audience.

The Virginia boy, 16, a third-year student at the prestigious and private Groton School, was accused, along with two other boys, of harassing another student about his sexuality, according to his father, Walter Perkins. His father said he was told to come get Hunter immediately.

Within a week, Hunter Perkins would be dead.

Hunter’s father, Walter Perkins, of Chantilly, Va., said he drove 10 hours overnight to pick up his son Oct. 6 from the school’s infirmary.

Perkins said he was told his son would likely be expelled, and he was encouraged to have his son withdraw from school instead. Police were investigating. He took his son home.

The next five days would be hell for the Perkins family. Walter Perkins said he was angry with his son and the damage he had done to his future by allegedly joining with two other boys to create demeaning comics about another student.

He was trying to find another school for his son, and encouraged his son to leave Groton School, but Hunter wanted to fight any efforts to expel him. Walter Perkins said his son claimed many other students behaved the same way, and that he was being singled out.

You can listen to the whole thing or read it.  Either way, Michale Berry was being a little bitch.

Of course, there is more to the story.  It seems that the boy who killed himself might have been wrongly accused.   But that wouldn’t stop a culture warrior like Michale Berry:

The father of one of the alleged bullies told Team Five Investigates the Groton School incident involved three students, including his 16 year-old-son, Hunter Perkins, and targeted a classmate in a sexual and homophobic way.”He either doctored a photograph or put a cartoon bubble on it,” said Walter Perkins. “He said his roommate e-mailed them out. He had no idea the kid was going to do that.”

Is there no low?  Is there no bottom that Michael Berry can find?  I won’t even go into the Shelby Steele editorial Berry read today or the parodies he played.  Today Michale Berry used a teenager’s death to make his marginal point.  And looking a little closer at it, he used a partisan source.
But Michale Berry is a tough guy.  He stopped the sanctuary city policy while a city councilman.  He served in the US military in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He’s patrolled the streets of this great city.  He has 30 illegals living next door to him.  He fired a woman he never hired for being pregnant.  He rented to drug dealers and prostitutes.  (Maybe he still is.)  He adopted out of country so his kid will never know and will never be able to find his parents’ family.
Michale Berry is a true joy 🙂

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