Fannie is Fannie

I trapped one of the feral kittens on Tuesday and she turned out to be a she, as I had thought.  Tonight I released her.  She’s ok.  She got a little of the “you are stinky” nonsense, but the littlest kittens didn’t seem to mind her.

Now for some pics!

Mommy and the little kittens.  There are three of them.  That’s Dot trying to play off to the right.

Little Fannie after I trapped her and took her in to SNAP.  She’s fixed and has her ear clipped.


Fannie, just before I let her go.

She’s a pretty Turkish Van girl.

Free Fannie!

Every body is there to kind of non-greet her.  She ended up rolling in the dirt by the garage and being chased by Harry — I scolded him.  Later tonight, she was on the deck with mommy and the littlest kittens and then just with the littlest ones.

I think she will be ok.


8 responses to “Fannie is Fannie

  1. She really is a beautiful girl. I’m glad she fit right back in.

    • Harry chased her at one point — which he had done before. But then again, Harry got into a loud dust up with Unpop tonight, too. Enough of one that I went outside to investigate. He later came out unscathed, but I worry about him being the big dad. Perhaps he is big enough to do it. I worry about him though.

      But back to Fannie, she is very pretty. If I can tame her, I think Lynn might take her. He has said that he might like an outside cat, and Fannie would be perfect for him.

  2. Oh, that would be great. One less outside kitty to worry about. And a friend for Annie (?)

  3. I was thinking about coming over around 2-ish or so? Will that give us enough time to built kitty shelter? Or, if you need to make a Home Depot run or anything you can let me know what would be a good time, k? I will probably pick up a couple of bags of candy (just in case!) and if no goblins show then we can divvy it up and make our co-workers fat.

    • That sounds good. I didn’t get any candy, so if you do that would be good. I think we have everything we need for the kitty shelter and since I got a head start on painting and putting together (with a few hiccups) today, I think we can finish everything except for figuring out what to do with the rooftop and stenciling paw prints. I’ve got something to cook for dinner.

  4. Ola! Just to let you know: B & Mr. Stumpers had a very nice & low-key day and he is feeling his old self again.

  5. Hi! Remember to check what type of DVR disc you use!!!!

    • I found the the re-writable ones are only available online. The one time use ones are cheap, but they seem like such a waste. I decided to clean the one I will use for Wednesday. (Giants won the series.)

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