Though Things Seem Bleak

I’m not giving up.

I have this little bit of hope saved and it still shines.  Please vote, even if you didn’t plan on it.  There is one more day — poll watchers from The Woodlands shouldn’t stop you.

Even though things seem dire, there are the kittens and the garden.  They make me happy.  Fannie will rejoin her family either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

I cut all of the boards for the kitten house this afternoon.  We will build it this weekend and I will trap another of them.  In so many words, we will get a grip on the kittens.

Tammy is having some troubles, but I can deal.  Murphy wasn’t trained in a day, and I don’t mind cleaning up after her, since it means the cancer is taking over.  She’s still happy and loved.  It’s just a matter of time now.  Murphy’s love is still the thing that keeps her going.

Pics of Fannie tomorrow, promise.



2 responses to “Though Things Seem Bleak

  1. Damned at Random

    So sorry Tammy has taken a turn for the worse.

    My old kittie who had a malignant tumor taken off his eyelid last year lost the eye this year – he actually looks rakish with one eye and has adjusted very well, but I know its just a matter of time before we see neurological symptoms.

    You love them, then mourn them, than adopt another

    • Sigh, you are right. I’m far more worried about her than she is herself. She’s still happy and bouncy, she just can’t seem to hold it during the night or until I get home, so it’s sort of like when I was training Murphy, but without the training part. I don’t mind cleaning up after her.

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