Voted Today

Roberto and I walked over to one of the early voting places today and voted.  Our state rep was out there, as was her opponent.  R shook his hand, but I just said “nice to meet you” and moved on up to shake my current reps’ hand.

There was a line — at 1:00 p.m. on a Sunday.  Once we got up to the doorway, we saw the “poll watchers.”  One was a middle-aged white guy.  He had his little notepad and pen ready.  While we were there, one guy had to fill out a form.  The election judge was strict about what the guy could do and the “poll watcher” kept his mouth shut.

When I went in to vote, I saw another “poll watcher” sitting at the end of the voter booth line.  On the way out, I saw another person who could have been a “poll watcher.”   So, perhaps there were two or three people hanging out and looking for something wrong.

It should be obvious that I live in a minority majority area.  I wonder how voters in majority white districts would feel if the same were done in their voting precincts.  King Street Patriots would cry foul if a bunch of black and brown people did what those white people did.

While the Republicans have lots of signs, I don’t think it will make a difference.  I’m feeling pretty confident that Dems will prevail.

knock knock knock, twu, twu twu.


27 responses to “Voted Today

  1. Sounds like over all it was nice and quite with no incidents to report. That is how it should be.

    • Yes, it was nice and “quite” as it always has been for years without the damned whitebread idiots there.

      Were the King Street Patriots at your voting site?

      Perhaps they should have been.

      • Yes, it was nice and “quite” as it always has been for years without the damned whitebread idiots there.

        So if I understand you correctly, you have a problem with white people being allowed in your polling place. Why the hatred of white people?

        And I wonder how you would react if a conservative were to comment about “brownbread idiots” at his/her polling place. No doubt you would be up in arms about the racial slur, even though you seem quite comfortable engaging in racist talk yourself. I believe a great man once suggested that someone remove the plank from their own eye before attempting to remove the splinter from someone else’s eye.

        • So if I understand you correctly

          You don’t. Everything has always been fine at my local multi-ethnic voting place. We don’t need people from The Woodlands to come down and stand around with their little pads and pencils. The people who run the polling place are competent and always have been. There has been nary a case of voter fraud in this city. NOT ONE. (And it’s not because Republicans haven’t been trying, trust me. But they can turn up NOTHING because there is no there there.)

          you seem quite comfortable engaging in racist talk

          Dude, I’m white. I can call anyone I want whitebread, especially if they are coming from the lily white burbs to check on my neighbors. Don’t you get it? They deliberately chose minority majority areas to watch. That’s a pretty big racist assumption on their part.

      • I don’t know who the king street patriots are? I don’t run with gangs. I a bit to old for that.

  2. I’m just hoping that the poll watchers maybe just maybe got a glimpse of how ‘normal’ and patient and well-behaved us and our fellow voters were. If they can see through their fear-tinted glasses, that is.

  3. Joe, the same man also said that we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and that no one ought to judge another unless they were without sin themselves. So, in applying the somewhat irrelevant maxims of JC to the midterm US elections, I would say that everybody was behaving in compliance with the law at our voting place and the idea of conservatives targeting minority (and therefore presumably non-conservative) areas of town when there have been as many allegations (allegations, rumors, etc.) of voter fraud in conservative areas, is hypocritical, and is designed not to force potential lawbreakers into behaving well, but to intimidate law-abiding citizens who happen to feel their hope for a better world lies in casting their ballots for non-Republican candidates.

    • I couldn’t have put it better myself. And I mean that!

    • So what is the big deal, everything is going great.

      • Having people from outside of the community come in and watch us implies that these outsiders believe that what has always been happening at the polls is suspect. And yet there hasn’t been a case of voter fraud in this city in ages.

        So these outsiders come in here with their baseless suspicious and try to intimidate voters. Voter intimidation is a very big deal, especially here in the South.

        • If your not doing anything wrong then who cares if somebody is standing there looking at you or others. Seems to me it is a wast of there time and not yours. Your in and out pretty quick.

  4. Why be more creative. Just stating my opinion. I think your making a mountain out of a mole hill. Nothing has happen thus nothing to report.

    • First, the “if you aren’t doing anything wrong” argument is weak. It can be used to justify a police state or authoritarian government. I’m sure that’s not what you intended, right?

      I guess you missed the news from last week. Both the Harris County D.A. and the Justice Department are investigating allegations of voter intimidation at Houston area early polling places.

      Please try to keep up.

  5. I do not consider it an argument so I appoligize as that was not my intent. I just don’t understand what the big deal is as nothing has been happening. If they want to wast there time then who really cares. I saw the news and it is all a bunch of nonsence at one location and nothing will become of the investigation but wast tax payer money.

  6. OT — Roberto, I trapped Fannie tonight and will take her to SNAP tomorrow. If something goes wrong and I get a late start tomorrow, I will call you and let you know if you need to help. I’m pretty sure I can get there — but just in case.

  7. okee-doke … gimme a call if ya need an assist with the little girl …

    • Fannie is Fannie. I was right and she is a girl. I just went in to check on her, and she had spilled her water. I cleaned it up and she is going to stay inside until Friday evening.

      She’s a trooper!

      I hope I catch mommy next time.

  8. There’s something special about that little girl (not that they’re not ALL special, of course), but maybe it’s just from that time we peeked out and saw her playing with ancient old octopus-string-toy on the deck … If you catch mommy how will you catch kittens?

  9. p.s. if not tomorrow then I may try & swoop by on Friday to take a look at her before she’s released back into the wild! … but we can play it by ear, of course, in case she gets super antsy to be back with her tribe …

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