Teabaggers Behaving Badly

Here’s hoping the U.S. Justice Department and the Harris county D.A. have reigned in Jared Woodfill and the North Houston Teabaggers/Secessionists.  This silly blogger defended the woman and group behind the voter intimidation, so perhaps he defended them today?  Let’s see. . . Not really.

I’m not going to copy the email that Houston Votes got from the Teabaggers;  TPM has them here.  Lovely people, don’t you think?  Here’s another.

In all seriousness, the polls have to be watched.  And these newly branded poll watchers need to be watched as well.  It’s not surprising that they chose polling places in mostly minority neighborhoods to watch.  But don’t you dare call them racists.  It’s not surprising that they are harassing minority voters.  I’m sure they feel they have the right.

Everyone who is legally eligible should be able to vote without having some white guy on disability or out of work hanging over his or her shoulder.


19 responses to “Teabaggers Behaving Badly

  1. Question: Who is that chump at the other website? The guy with the “Crush this regime” fetish? David Something or Other.

    Is he serious? Or has he always been paranoid? Boy reads like a bad fascist character in a cheap B movie.

    One more reason why:
    All my exes live in Texas/That’s why Lone Star’s not for me

  2. timmie,

    Why all the hostility?

    You read like Rick Perry’s mistress after OU whipped the Horns.

  3. I have no hostility towards you? I don’t know anything about you. I just ment if you don’t like Texas then we are I am* glad you don’t live here.

    No way the Horn’s deserve to be in the top 20!

    *edited for clarity

  4. timmie,

    You came off mighty hostile.

    Sort of like Dick Cheney after he failed to shoot someone. Not very Sam Houston.

    More like Jon Cornyn with a K.B. Hutchinson that time of the month attitude.

  5. Man Mark I really am sorry that is how you feel. What can I do to make it up to you my friend?

  6. timmie,

    Maybe you can get the Theocrats out of the Texas Board of Education. Texas needs a bunch of Bible-thumping Osama bin Laden wannabes deciding science, social studies, English, and mathematics curriculum like you or I need to be with the Koch brothers alone in the Texas panhandle with them holding a $5 billion IOU and AK-47s and demanding payment ASAP.

    • Hi mark,
      Who are the Kock brothers? You just might be right abouth those theocrates however, they need a good house cleaning. Right on my friend.

  7. Meanwhile, Timmie, don’t take things too seriously.

    We’ve got to laugh about something. Hear about Todd Seavey going all Tom DeLay on his ex-gal pal Helen Rittelmeyer on C-Span in a show hosted by Lucianne Goldberg’s Little Boy?

    The Washington Post wrote a cute item. Here’s the link. Scroll down to the comments. Find the odds for the pair’s future. Most people laugh. Seavey bounced me from his website. Guy’s a libertarian, but only free speech and funny about some things.

    Hope the “Betting Odds” comments (there are four) make you laugh.


    • Your right, life is way short for some of us to take politics to seriously.
      Thanks for the link, that was pretty funny for sure. Delay has always rubbed me the wrong way and how the heck did he get on Dancing with the Stars?

    • Mark, I want to thank you for being patient with our pet timmie. He can be trying at times, but humor seems to sate him, mostly.

  8. mark, michelle is aboslutly right, i do love humor which is why i like to monitor this blog. tlk to you soon i hope.

  9. yes, sometimes laughter is the only possible option!

    • Roberto, I hooked up with my friends (my fault for not taking the first step earlier) and we will meet at the Busch stage tomorrow at noon. Give me a ring in the morning if you want to join us. I’m planning on getting up early and going to get the cat house supplies, but I will be back in enough time to figure out if you want to go.

      And at this point I think I need to get a cell phone. Finally.

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