More Liars

I’ve run into this blogger before, I just can’t remember when.  But trust me, he is just another rumor-monger, and he links to the wingnutty chiropractor, Melissa Clouthier.  And looky here!  Who does she link to?  None other than our friends Kevin Whited and Cory Crow!

The official that they are smearing, El Franco Lee, a longtime trust official, had to set the record straight.  He didn’t yell at anyone.  You big babies.

As far as I can tell, the D.A’s office and other officials are acting on complaints quickly and making sure that everything moves smoothly.  I’m planning on voting early this weekend, but I am sorely tempted to wait until election day just to make sure none of these suburbanites come in and harass the nice people who work my precinct.


2 responses to “More Liars

  1. Sounds like the gop-trainers did a sucky job. A classic case of who’s watching the watchers?

    • I left a message for you on a previous thread. I hooked up with my friends for noon tomorrow. You are invited, as is Barbara and whoever else you might want to invite.

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