Your Taxes Have Gone Down Unless Your Employer is Cheating You

I’ve been saying this for almost two years now.

Here are a couple of links for the doubtful.

Are all the teabaggers confused or have their employers been scamming them?  Given what I have heard from the teabaggers, most of them don’t pay taxes anyway and are just living off of disability payments and doing odd jobs.  Or they are bored housewives.


28 responses to “Your Taxes Have Gone Down Unless Your Employer is Cheating You

  1. They will be going up over the course of the next tens years starting fiscal year 2011. Corporates taxes go up as well which will be passed on the the consumers.

  2. I think your latter supposition is true. And even if the middle class tax breaks stay in place & the upper ones go, judging from the teabaggers who get all the face time on the teevee, ain’t a bunch of those folks pulling down $250,000+ a year. Now when it comes to the folks who are pulling the strings of the tea-puppets, well that’s a whole different story.

  3. Oh, only slightly o-topic (still about teabaggers, though). On B. Maher’s show this past week one of his panelists was an Ohio teabag lady and so he asked her in a long, slow, infinitely qualified way, why the teabaggers wouldn’t be totally behind the bailout & consequent turnaround of GM (with a lot of jobs saved, and all the tax-payers money repaid (w/ the exception of the 20 billion they got from Bush)). She spluttered for a moment and then another panelist, John Legend, said: “Because Obama did it.”
    And that, in a nutshell, remains by take on the t-bags. All their rage is at its very core, the simple fury of the racist who sees “their” society moving into the light without them. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer and that crowd is racist to the bone.

  4. Timmie, even IF taxes were going up in the next ten years, please admit that they haven’t gone up in the last two.

  5. The thread is confusifying me! My comment about “your latter supposition” was for your post, Michelle, not T’s comment which somehow appeared above my comment after I wrote it …. the whole room is spinning! I’ll go give a certain kitty the treats he’s shouting for.

  6. I also lost my job under Obama as most people in our country have.

    • You lost your job under Rick Perry.

      There was a bill to stop the tax benefit to companies moving jobs overseas that the Dems wanted to pass but your buds in the senate decided that tax cuts for your industry are more important and smashed it. You should call John Cornyn about your damn job, not the American people. You probably even voted for the man who shipped your job to China.

      You should be aligned with me. I don’t buy any of that Chinese crap. Fuck those types racing to the bottom — Americans are better than that.


      • Yes and Obama is the president as well. So if you want to blame Perry ok that is fine I’ll blame Obama. As HP owned the tooling they would have sent the work to China regardless if that bill passed or not. It would not have saved my job. Labor is much cheaper in China thus it is cheaper to produce in ship from China to other locations around the world and that is what consumers want, inexspesive ghoods. Until other countrie are made to pay their work force what we pay ours then jobs will always be sent overseas.

        If you have a computer I promis you some component on it came from China, Japan or Korea where the cost of doing business is much less.

  7. I don’t need to prove shit. Like I said you can say BS all day long if it makes you feel better. I know I won’t loose any sleep over it.

    • You have the time now that you are unemployed. At least do us all the favor of sourcing your assertions. You have the time.

      And you are unemployed under Rick Perry. Period.

      I’m sorry that your $60K job went down the drain. My job is secure because I am good at it. You must have just been “livin’ the dream” as Joe PagLIARulo says. Cry to Michale Berry and company, not me.

      And on that thought, Michale Berry has a job opening. You should apply.

    • I am also unemployed under Obama. Your job is secure as your a state employee with a university which is much harder to be released from. Are you tenured yet? I am not crying about my job. It happens, much to often over the last 2 years however.

  8. Never said I did now did I. Nope.

  9. the end

  10. Taxes may not have gone up yet, but thanks to obamacare health insurance is.

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