The Early Voting Place in My Backyard was Hopping This Morning

I can only take that as a positive.  While there are a few (three) Republican placards in yards in my little hood — it looks like I wasn’t the only one who pulled out the signs from two years ago.  I’m going to try to round up a Bill White sign tomorrow (sorry kittens, the house will wait).

While I hate talking on the phone, I’m also going to look into phone banking for Bill White.  The stronger White is, the better off we are down ticket.  White did an interview with Joe PagLIARulo this morning and made him look like an ass.  White stated that he wasn’t a natural self-promoter and then Joe PagLIARulo self promoted.  It was funny — to me — and embarrassing to Joe PagLIARulo.  And when White told him he had to go, Joe PagLIARulo was left hanging.  Solid radio management on White’s part.

I think I will vote either Saturday or Sunday — I just have to walk over there.  It’s straight ticket Democrat and yes on all three props for me.

And if it means anything, the only winner Michale Berry supported in the primaries this year was Rick Perry.  Every other person he backed in this state and others, lost.


Why vote with a loser?



25 responses to “The Early Voting Place in My Backyard was Hopping This Morning

  1. Yes I voted to and the early voting turn out was good. This does appear to be a good sign for Perry, we really can’t aford for White to be elected.

    • “We” are doomed if King Perry is not retained to sit upon the mighty throne of Texas! Alas, who will whine and beg and send letters to that Obama man, if not King Perry?

      • Texas has relatively low taxes, low spending, and less regulation which have helped the Lone Star State weather the Great Recession better than the nation as a whole.

        *This fact-free comment paid for by the Rick Perry Campaign.

  2. Mind how you use that “we” Timmie. A vote for Perry is a vote for Texas to surge ahead of Mississippi, Arkansas, and the Ken-Ten snakepit in a race for the bottom. All the yammer about getting back to the Constitution isn’t supposed to mean that we plunge back into the 18th century. Leeches, anyone?

  3. And I can say the exact same thing for White.

    • Here another link for you to have a look at, timmie. Can you see how good ‘ol boy Rick is lying to you? Do you?

      • Hi michelle, on of the links you provided in facts states Texas was one of the top job producing states between 2009 and 2010 so it kind of made Perry’s point. It failed to mentioned that from August 2009 to August 2010 Texas created 133,100 jobs which is an annual growth rate of 1.3 percent. Over the same period, the U.S. economy added 278,000 jobs, an annual growth rate of 0.2 percent. The state’s private sector posted an annual employment growth rate of 1.4 compared with 0.3 percent for the United States from August 2009 to August 2010.

        Again, from 2000 to 2009 Texas created more jobs than all the other. states combined

        • Hmmm. We lost jobs this past year and from 2008 to 2009, the Texas job creation index fell 22 points.

          I think we can do better. And nothing in either of the links supports Perry’s claim that “more jobs have been created than all the other states combined.” It’s just not true.

          • We can always do better, however Texas is strong. All Texas industries except the construction, trade, and information industries had more jobs in August 2010 than in August 2009. The state’s mining and logging industry ranked first in job creation and posted an annual employment growth rate of 11.4 percent for the period from August 2009 to August 2010. The average number of active rotary rigs increased from 371.1 in September 2009 to 703.6 in September 2010 according to Hughes Tool Co.

            Bill White wrecked havec in Houston. As mayor, he controlled the make-up of Metro’s Board of Directors. The Houston Metro made a major change in the direction to concentrate dollars and efforts on a rail system that has been more expense than the bus system, serviced fewer citizens, increased fees to riders, and ignored promises stated in the approved bond election. Bill White’s involvement in “Metro-gate” has yet to be determined but is was Bill White who appointed David Wolff who in turn lied to the Federal Governement. We don’t need Bill White as Gov.

          • timmie, I think it’s enough for me to have to fact check Rick Perry; provide a link for your numbers or they will be considered suspect as well.

            And you know, we don’t really need to re-argue the light rail plan. YOUR SIDE LOST THE ARGUMENT. Period. Your side tried to have the tracks dug up after the Red Line was started, but you failed. The line has a very high ridership — the second highest per mile in the country. Mayor White was a great mayor. If he were so bad, then how did he get re-elected at the percentages that he did? Was it just because the republicans (and yes, I know it’s non-partisan, but everyone knows which party each is) couldn’t find someone competent to run? Too bad. Mayor White was a successful mayor, and Houston endured some pretty hard times in a graceful way under his leadership.

  4. Timmie, I gather you don’t know any fellow Texans who have been laid off in the past year or 2 or 3? If so, then you’re lucky or very insulated. In the very best of all possible worlds Perry is a do-nothing hack (well, except when he’s lining the pockets of his buddies) but in a tougher climate his hands-off approach is the very thing Texas can’t afford.

  5. Well roberto in fact I was laid off Oct. 1st after 10 years on the job.

  6. I’m very sorry to hear that, Timmie. It would interest me to know why you would still think that Perry, a mainstream member of the party whose policies led to the recession, would be preferable to someone who has had as extensive and politically-moderate (i.e. he’s hardly a radical) business experience as Bill White.

  7. I saw being laid off coming aboubt a year to a year and a half ago. I worked for a large manufacturing company with plants not only in the US but in Mexico and China as well. 98% of our customer base for our Houston plant was HP and they have been transfering business to our China plant. This year they moved 60% over our business to China. Why you may ask. Because consumers want cheaper and cheaper goods and the only way to compete with Dell and others is to give the consumers what they want. I don’t see that Obama has done much to help the manufacturing sector and White is in favor of Cap-N-Trade which would be another nail in the coffen for Texas manufacturing jobs.

  8. Umm you only addressed just a small portion of what I said. But then again how can you defend Bill White’s apointment, David Wolff and the lies that were told to the Federal Government that are now bitting White in the ass.

  9. By the way he was relected because Houston for the most part is a democratic city. When was the last time an incombent mayor lost re-election. Our current does not think much of White’s business practices.

    • Well, yes, Houston is a Democratic city. We elect our politicians!

      One very good thing Bill White did was break the hold that Bob Lanier had on the mayor’s office. It’s also how we got Parker as mayor now.

      And speaking of Parker, you might question Perry’s use of her statements if you realized that she was comptroller while White was mayor, oh and, she’s pissed at Perry for, you know, taking her words out of context for his own benefit.

      He was re-elected overwhelmingly each time because he did a good job for Houston in tough times and good times.

  10. I think you know what I ment but if not I’ll tell. Houston leans more towards voting for a democrate over republican. When was the last time we had a republican mayor? Loue Welch. I understand she was the controller when she made her remarks, so what it must have been the truth. She may have been made with Perry for quoting her but after all she said it. And how did Bill White break the hold so called hold Bob Lainer had? He was elected (1) as an incombent and (2) Houston votes more so for democrates.

  11. Timmie, without links or at the very least, a title of an article in some newspaper or something, then you shouldn’t expect your numbers and statistics to pass as more than just opinion. In a couple of your comments you are very clearly copying text from somewhere, simply because there’s a radical difference in style from your natural conversational tone. It doesn’t take a detective or a forensic linguist to spot when this happens. So where is that information coming from? No need to be shy! Please share.

  12. It is ok if if my opinion does pass what ever test you may use. Your opinion is better or worse than mine and sure I copy text, what is wrong with that. I’m lazy.

  13. I wasn’t criticizing you for copying text, I was asking WHERE did you copy it from?

  14. Does not really matter as you would probably consider the links as wingnut sites.

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