First Steps to a Home

I tried to catch the big tom UnPop on Friday, but Harry decided that he was going to be my protector and kept UnPop at bay.  I later trapped Dot and Mommy but let them both go.  I’ll try again Monday (SNAP is open Tuesday-Saturday).

In the meantime, I have been looking into building a cat house for all of the kittens.  I think Harry could get along with all of the others if it got cold enough.  I built Tammy a house back when she was a backyard dog though she never used it.  Now the kittens eat there.  It’s slowly falling apart, but I can salvage the 2×4’s for the new house.

I’m loosely following a plan from this site. I put two cement blocks in the ground near the back fence years ago and will add two more (which I have).  I think it’s a good spot because it’s got wind blocks on two sides.  The cement block foundation will be 3 foot square.  I’m going to build a 2 1/2 foot square house, so it will have a little porch.

I went to Home Depot today and bought a 1x4x1/2 piece of plywood for 51 cents and four 2x4x1/4 board — I can’t remember what it is — to build the inside walls for $2 each.  One whole board was $11 plus, so I got a deal.  Now I only have to get a 4x8x1/2 and ask them to cut it in half for me (so I can get it in the car) for the front, sides, bottom and top.  I can grab some insulation from the attic, and use the paint I bought for the fence.  A couple of hinges and then it’s cat house time!

Oh, wait.  There’s more to it.  I’ll get there.  Perhaps there is a photo essay in this.



One response to “First Steps to a Home

  1. Sounds like a plan! And a good one! Oh, and were you planning to vote on Sat, or Sun? I looked it up and the usual place will be open from 7-7 on Sat and from 1-6 on Sun …

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