Stay Classy, Michael Berry

OMG!!1!1!!11!11!!  Michelle Obama spoke with someone when she went to early vote in Chicago and expressed her support for her husband.  BURN HER!!!!!!

You think I’m joking, right?  (Click on the pic to read it because it’s Friday and I am too tired to mess with the screen grab.)

But what should  I expect from a station that describes its programming as “man talk“?

The audience (small as it is) responds:

(Click again, same reason.)



2 responses to “Stay Classy, Michael Berry

  1. Yeah, wingnuts grasping at straws and applying their sadly limited logic to total absurdity. For historians out there, I bet we can rustle up some old shots of Pat Nixon or Barbara Bush or any number of spouses (both parties) who’ve committed the unforgivable by expressing support for their candidate at the voting site.

    • Yeah, but none of them were VWB, so it doesn’t count.


      Remember, if you are a white conservative/republican, no one thinks this about you.

      And the teabaggers aren’t racist opportunists.

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