Kendrick Meek

With all of the tea stuff surrounding the Senate race in FLA, I decided a while back to check out the Democrat in the race.  He’s straight up my alley politically.  Just watch this ad:

I donated a little to him last month and again tonight.  I read a report about the debate the candidates had today, and here’s the takeaway from it:

Moderator John Wilson introduced Meek, who is third in the polls, as a candidate fighting for second place and later asked him if he should drop out and support Crist to keep Rubio from winning. Meek responded forcefully.

“I’ve been in a tough spot before. I fought against Jeb Bush when he said the class size (amendment) was wrong. I fought against George W. Bush when he wanted to privatize Social Security,” Meek said. “I will not — believe this — I will not drop out of this race for any reason. I am nominated by the Democrats of the state of Florida. I am in this race to run to be the next United States senator. And no, I am not running for second.”

Damn straight.  There’s not much time left.  It’s all hands on deck at this point.  I keep remembering how nervous I was on election night in 2008 — oh, hell — I’m nervous every election night.  But sometimes, people come to their senses.  Here’s hoping FLA voters do.  And Texas voters, too.


8 responses to “Kendrick Meek

  1. And the people of Florida will vote for whom they feel is best to represent them.

    • Roberto, again the people of Florida will vote for whom they feel is best to represent them. It really does not matter who you like or don’t like. The majority vote rules.

  2. Timmie, my man, you are without doubt the unchallenged King of the Obvious!
    I like Meek a lot and all things considered (the screwy demographics of his state, with all those single-issue voters) he’s done very well. I especially liked his description of Crist as someone who has “run away from one table and now wants to come and eat off my plate.”
    btw, Crist is one of the “stars” of that documentary about the large number of closeted gays in the GOP. He’s also neck and neck with Mittens as far as flip-flops go. Not a man who inspires trust, to say the least.

    • Thank you for that 🙂

      OT — one of Mommy’s little kittens dizzily stumbled up on the deck out from under the house yesterday. I picked him up and held him for a long time before returning him to the edge of the deck — where I saw Mommy nursing the other two kittens. They all scattered. I’m making progress with the others — they don’t always run away. Step by step.

  3. So the kittens are under the house and not in the next yard?! That would be good, I guess, make the little buggers easier to catch!

    • yeah, I saw the black and white one this morning. It had its little back legs perched on the rim of one of the food bowls with its front legs down inside the bowl trying to eat dry food.

  4. Awww … klumsy kitten kuteness … they are so hilarious when they are ‘new’ ….

    • I saw all three of them just before dark. They are at that wobbly stage. I tried to get them to come out from under the deck, but they are still a little shy.

      I worked a little on the cat house plan tonight. I think I can get everything together — maybe tomorrow I will go by Home Depot. I just can figure out about the roof. I don’t want to buy a whole bag of shingles just to use three or four, Habitat resale doesn’t seem to carry any and I don’t know. Any ideas?

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