“Livin’ the dream!”

If one listens to Joe Pagliarulo in KPRC any morning, you will hear the title quote, along with, “Love you like a brother” and “Get off my phone!!!!” more times than you can imagine.  Less frequently, but enough, you will hear, “Prove me wrong!” and “I don’t lie.”

This morning, Pagliarulo was having an aneurysm over Rahm Emanuel making a video in D.C. to be played in the Chicago market and using the word “here” to mean Chicago.  (I guess Pagliarulo thinks Mission to Mars was, you know, filmed on Mars.)

Here’s the email exchange I had with him:

Me:  Where is “here” to you, Joe?  You lie every day about where you are.  You pretend to be here in Houston, but you’re not.  You’re in San Antonio.  Why don’t you stop lying and come clean with your audience?

Pagliarulo:  I”m not in san antonio.. thanks for not having a clue.. and I NEVER say I’m in Houston .. unless I actually am.. which I frequently am.  Thanks for getting it wrong!

Me:  You live in San Antonio.  You pretend to be here in Houston every morning on the radio. Stop lying and come clean.  You and Chris Baker both lie about where you are every day.

Pagliarulo:  I don’t live in San Antonio.. and, by the way you confused person, my voice is broadcast live to the Houston market every morning.. no  matter where I am.  LIVE to Houston.  I’m not taping it elsewhere and rebroadcast like-live in Houston.  It’s a Houston show … done live daily for Houston.  So glad you listen every morning!!

Me:  You don’t live in Houston.  Baker doesn’t live in Houston.  You both pretend you do to your audiences.  Stop lying.

Pagliarulo:  hehe.. you’re so wrong.. and have lost this argument.. it’s okay.. someone has to lose.. just happens to be you today.

Me:  I see you are also lying on your online resumes.

Pagliarulo:  I have no online resumes!!!  hahahahahah.. you’re reaching.. I’m yet to hear my lie Michelle.  get a life.. you’re beaten here

Me:  Liar:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joe-pagliarulo/9/801/183

Pagliarulo:  didn’t realize Linkedin did an online resume!!  Thanks!!  Need to add my Houston show.  I appreciate it!

Me:  What?  Did you think they only do paper resumes?

Pagliarulo:  hey dork.. everything on there is true..what’s your question?

Me:  It says San Antonio, not Houston.  Stop lying.  Tell your audience that you don’t live here in Houston.  It’s just that simple, Joe.

Pagliarulo:  you’re a dork.. it says San Antonio because I do a show for San Antonio every afternoon.  hehe.. you don’t get it do you?  I do two shows a day.  one for Houston.. one for San Antonio.  When Glenn’s off I do his show.. and I frequently fill in elsewhere too.  hehe

Always self-promoting . . . .

Pagliarulo:  updated!!  thanks so much.

Me:  Are you some kind of Sybil?

And to think this man was allowed to breed.

Pagliarulo even claimed that there was WMD in Iraq later this morning and went through the whole litany of GWB 27%er’s excuses.  My goodness these white men on KPRC sure do know how to whine.

Station Boss Michale Berry was on later in the afternoon whining about how politics is all about race.  It’s his standard shtick.  And here’s a pro tip for Berry, refrain from whining about doing your job on the air.  Everyone knows you are just the trained monkey.  Whining about having to tell other people to do things for you while you rake in the big bucks is just unattractive.

One more thing.  I guess it’s better late than never, but Berry has found a way to make money off of the Teabaggers.  KPRC is having a Teabagger rally on October 16th and if you have the money, you can pay to have some face time with Berry, Pagliarulo and the other white guys on the station — except for Chris Baker — because he is in Minnesota.

Sometimes it worries me that there are a handful of people driving around my city who listen to and agree with, nay, egg on these yappers.


13 responses to ““Livin’ the dream!”

  1. ha ha ha … you’re the rabbit in the pharmacy …

  2. Yeap Berry has the best show in the afternoons.

    • You think that because that what he has told you. Actually, his station is ranked 11th.

      • Not really michelle, I think he has the best show because I have listen to KSEV, KILT one other show and I like Berry’s more than the others. I don’t care where his station is ranked, it is what entertains me the most that counts.

        • Clearly you haven’t called his show. He routinely screams and if you are on hold, it reaches eardrum breaking points. (What you hear on the air is moderated.)

          There’s no comparison between KSEV and Berry. KSEV is a weak signal at best and with the nasal Bettoncourt and the chronically stuffed up Patrick, they are working up hill. You know that Clear channel has poached off of KSEV for more than 20 years.

          KILT is sports except for Tom Tinen home improvement in the mornings on the weekends. You must know, if you listen, that he used to be on KTRH, but they screwed him. He talks about it often.

          You don’t know much about Houston AM radio, do you?

          • No I have not called his show nor anybody elses show that I listen to. I know what the other stations programs are but thank you for reminding me. Like I said I enjoy listening to Berry’s show over all the others during my drive time home.

  3. wha????????????????

  4. Damned at Random

    Berry’s complaint that politics is all about race reminds me of Molly Ivin’s description of Texas as multicultural – you have Blacks, Hispanics, Southerners, Suburbanites, Freaks and Shitkickers. She said the Shitkickers predominated.

    I miss Molly. Never found another writer who made me laugh at politics like she could

    • Ivins is my inspiration. I know I don’t do her justice, but if someone laughs at what I write and for the right reason, then I think I’m going in the right direction.

      I pay attention to Berry because he is a clown. If you ever listen to any of his podcasts on his radio station’s website, you would see how he contradicts himself right and left. Same goes for all of his employees. Just try listening to PagLIARulo on KPRC. He will make you head spin.

      OT: have you seen the new crop of kittens that have taken up residence here? Just scroll down a few posts. I’ve got to film them at dinner time — they rush to the back door and as soon as I open it, scramble in all directions!

    • Moly was entertaining for sure. Typical Texas humor.

  5. Why is that the least that I could have done.

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