Ask a . . . . .

Today, while searching for sources for my students’ prepared speeches, I came across this site.  It’s godfather is a column I have read in the Houston Press for a while.  (There are others: French, Russian, Jew, Chinese  — all linked in the sidebar here.)

I shared and explained the Korean site to a couple of my students today.  They thought it was pretty funny.  It led to a discussion of current Korean politics.

The discussion bled over into my off time and my boss even walked by (on her way out) while we were engaged.  This is one of the top reasons I love my job.  I don’t have to go online to hear of news from Asia, Africa or some of Europe or even this hemisphere.  I can talk with people — every day — who are from around this planet and find out what they know and what they think.

I have a really great job.

It’s amazing how much we all have in common.  Perhaps it is that we all have lived (not just visited or vacationed in) another country.  The Koreans I interact with have the same complaints about their current leader as I do with Rick Perry.  We could have talked for hours.

I almost typed that I really love Koreans.  That would be mostly accurate, but somewhat exclusionary.  I really love to interact with my students.  One asked last week about my garden, and I mentioned the okra — which led to a discussion.   One of my students, from Mali, recognized the vegi I was talking about and said she had a delicious recipe.  (Getting to eat homemade food from other countries is one of the best perks of my job!)  I asked her how much she needed and collected it from my okra plants in the garden for a week.  She will cook on Wednesday.  I told her when I had picked the okra and some might be soft.  No worry, she assured me.

We’ll see what she brings on Thursday 🙂

I’m very lucky and I know it.  No whining here!


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  1. buzzed you at work and then couldn’t remember whether you had an appointment this afternoon? … anyhoo, talk to ya later … saw a squadron of baby bunnies on campus this morning running (hopping) fast as the wind!

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