Kitten UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!1!!!11!1!!1!

Crazy kittens have crazy schedules.  Harry and I were the only ones in the garden this morning.  We did the feed Harry and then check the yard thing.  We found the biggest grasshopper we’d ever seen in our lives on one of the okra plants.  Harry said, “That’s one big grasshopper, mom.  I understand why you screamed upon seeing it.”  Harry is understanding that way.

The weather is beautiful and so I did my bills in the garden while I watered it.  Roberto came along and we got some stuff done and then, just when I was jumping in the shower, I saw the little kittens playing with a very very very old puppy toy that has somehow made it through the ages outside.  It’s an old octopus who has lost some but not all of it’s legs.  The Turkish Van was having a lot of fun with it.  Of course, I decided to add “1 or 2 OK toys” to the shopping list.

And now for the update:  Mommy kitten will be Marley.  Dot will stay Dot.  I think he is a he.  Roberto told me that there is a Spanish name that will be ok for a male.  The Turkish Van, whom we had been calling Van or Vanny, will be Fannie.  Lastly, Toes, after much thought and looking at the coincidence of things, will be called Fletch.  He looks a lot like Braveheart and Mutiny on the Bounty is the only thing on the teevee that is not football and he decided to snuggle up to the formerly poor lemon tree.  Fletch is a survivor and a sweet kitten.

So, there is Marley (and to be named kittens), Fanny, Dot and Fletch.

I will build a shelter for them and Harry, (and Big Guy if he comes back) for the winter.  I will also trap and fix all of them.  Then we can all be a family.


2 responses to “Kitten UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!1!!!11!1!!1!

  1. Great names! I can help with the winter shelter.

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