The little kitten I took to the rescue woman on Wednesday is still alive.  She lost one of the kittens in the ten last night, after much effort.  I woke her from her nap when I called and felt badly about it, but she was very gracious and seemed to appreciate my call.  I know what it means to be able to share when something has gone wrong with kittens.

I was very worried this morning when Harry didn’t show up for breakfast.  Perhaps our routine is changing.  I worried about him all day, but he was on the stoop this evening and I gave him some scratches and snuggles.

Mom has moved her three remaining kittens and the Turkish Van conspicuously showed up along with Unpop.

I must trap Unpop.  I couldn’t find the trip for my trap tonight, so I will either buy another trap, rent a trap, or see if I can find a replacement part (my trap was made in the USA).

This was a difficult week.  I’ve got a lot of planning and work to do wrt kittens this weekend, but I’ve also got to start the fennel and get the heartworm and flea/tick meds down the pups (not fun).

The cucumbers are sending out their feelers and the squash is so far unharmed by borers (fingers crossed).  I have enough okra to pickle or freeze and the peppers are slow but steady in their production.  Oh, and sweet Harry hasn’t managed to kill all of the sweet peas, so they might actually make.

Harry is home.

That is the relief.


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