Still Trying to Suppress Votes in Harris County

A few months ago, Leo Vasquez, outgoing GOP, County Tax Assessor and Collect — voter registrar, got on the local wingnut radio stations, KPRC and KTRH to whine about people turning in bad voter registration forms.  It appears that wing nut extraordinaire Catherine Engelbrecht (she’s a tenther, fake patriot etc.) and friends are more than a little worried about the November 2010 election and decided to start attacking Houston Votes — I guess since ACORN isn’t around to kick anymore.

I bring this up today because I noticed this item on memeorandum.  The title says it’s an AP story, but it’s not:  It’s just nonsense from Fox News.  (FYI:  memeorandum is a wingnut link aggregator)  The Fox story is even sloppy enough to include a random “voter” photo, which of course is of an African American, but wasn’t taken anywhere in Harris County, much less Texas — we don’t use those types of voting machines and never have in the 30 years that I have been voting.  Idiots.

Here’s more of the back story:

Paul Bettencourt had been the longtime Tax Assessor/collector and had for years been cleansing the voter roles and slow walking new registrations, like any good GOP vote-suppressor.  After winning in 2008 (and settling a lawsuit brought against him and his office), he decided to quit.  The GOP thought they would get a two-fer by appointing a Latino to the office, Leo Vasquez.  Well, poor old Leo got primaried earlier this spring and lost to Don Sumners, a self-proclaimed “tea bagger before teabagging was cool” who stated on an edition of Red, White and Blue:

I’ve been, not actively, but somewhat, involved on the East Side and knew a lot of the Hispanic I guess you would call King Makers or leaders from the East Side and I don’t have a problem with their agenda except for trying to get benefits that may not have been earned.

Then came along the old time GOP activists turn teabaggers, Catherine  Engelbrecht and friends.  The Texas Democratic Party has sued Leo Vasquez for once again sharing information with Engelbrecht and her friends while not sharing the same with the TDP.

It all stinks, but is not surprising.  Republicans want to reduce the voter pool in anyway they can — because it helps them win elections.  Just look at how much importance they give to dinky little races in Alaska and Delaware.

Hopefully, Diane Trautman will win and get the office straightened out.  It will take a lot of work after Bettencourt and Vasquez.


7 responses to “Still Trying to Suppress Votes in Harris County

  1. I’m still wondering why HPD and HFD are not making a serious effort in investigating the fire. I will say it was nice for my company as we received the first of what will be many orders to replace the voting machines. 🙂

  2. Your words not mine.

  3. No not really and anyway both HPD and HFD do have unions.

  4. I am glade you like.

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