So, the new crew is slowly moving in.  I haven’t quite gotten a handle on exactly how many there are, but this evening, I decided to let the anthropologist in me take over.  What follows are pics from this morning and when I fed them this evening.  (Next post will be garden pics.)

They all look alike to me!

I wonder what they look like to Harry.  Or smell like to be more kitten-oriented.

Who cares when there’s wet food?!?!?!?

Big Guy looks so much better than he did.  He’s pretty demanding about the wet food, but he takes what little aggression he has out on Harry (bobbing without claws) and not me.

Back to the new kittens.  This one’s front paw is solid white.

This one has funny toes.

White front toes on this one.

Oh, and this one has a white daub on its nose.

The easily identified Turkish Van always waits to eat until all of the others are finished.  There’s plenty of food.

After I took that first pic, the Van retreated to the garage.

I snuck around to the other side of the garage and got another pic.  She (?) eventually had a bite to eat.

Which kitten are you?


2 responses to “Kittens!

  1. massive kitten cuteness … and yay for wet food & Big Guy … and that was a good sneak-shot of funny shy van-kitty (girl?) … I also showed this post to my mom along with several others of the inside babies … she said that Dora has a very kind face (it was the one of Dorie meets yogurt), she thought Caroline had a sweet babyface & she absolutely adored Murphy (he reminded her of one of her Brazilian pups) … she loved the video of Murph & Tam barking at the turtle and she laughed & laughed … it was a good morning, thanks to Calle V!

    • Murphy is a very sweet puppy. The pups have been a handful tonight. The cool weather is just making them crazy.

      I’m so glad you showed the pics and video to your mom. I’m so glad they gave her a laugh.

      Hopefully I will catch some more kittens or perhaps pups silliness on video here soon.
      Still pics are good, but video is better 🙂

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