Fall Crop is Go!

I’ve learned a lot since we put in the first raised bed earlier this spring.  I learned not to be afraid of all of the insects in my yard — which is something for someone who could die from a bee sting or a wasp bite. I have had hand to hand combat against fire ants and won most of the battles.  I have learned to live with all of the crazy flying wasps and bugs in my garden.  The dragon flies have been here for a while, as well as he lone assassin bug.  I hate stink bugs and their progeny and kill them with my own hands!  I am GARDENER LADY!!!!!

Anyway, the fall garden is going and I got the seeds I was missing for the rest of the crop.

The cucumbers are coming along fine.

The peas got off to a late start.

I think they will be ok if Harry doesn’t sleep on them.  I’ve almost got him trained not to sleep in the beds, but rather outside of them.

This basil will come out to make room for fennel.  I’ll try to make some pesto from anything I can salvage from it.

These tomatoes and all the others are giving it a last go with blooms — I will feed them and care for them again with the hope that the stink bug plague has moved on.  We will see.  The plans for this bed is rutabagas.

The okra should last until November.

Okra flowers are so beautiful but so fleeting.  The plants in this one bed are trying to make fruit on lower level limbs, unlike the first ones I planted.

The okra should be done by November, and then the beets and lettuce will go in.

The three surviving pepper plants are going full blast.  Once they are done, in goes the cabbage.

The last bed to make and the one I have the most hope for:  squash.  I will win this time.

Harry thinks we can do the sunflower thing one more time:


One response to “Fall Crop is Go!

  1. Rutabagas! yes, that sounds good … I showed this post to my mom & she said it made her very tired just thinking of all the work that went into the garden … needless to say, she was very impressed, and she said all the winter veggies I mentioned made her think of Poland … oh, and she was very impressed by Calle V in general … it was fun!

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