I Think I’ll Pickle Tomorrow

I’ve got enough okra and enough jalapenos to make a couple of jars.  If I have some of the pickling mixture left over — I will save it.

I also hope to get up some pics of the beds along with some plans for their futures.  The cucumbers are coming up fine.  The sweet peas aren’t growing much — I may have waited to late to plant them.  The new squash is so far so good.

I also need to take some pics of the new little brood of kittens that have moved in.

And lastly a plea for Roberto’s help:  Remember your great idea for the name of the new blog I want to start about where things are made?  Could you help me with the correct French?   I’d like to get it started this weekend, if possible.

Oh, and I gave Bill White some money today.  I tried to contribute to Kendrick Meek, but couldn’t get his site to load.  I’ll try again now.  It worked!


2 responses to “I Think I’ll Pickle Tomorrow

  1. hi! here it is:

    Fabriqué en …

    YaY! it worked! … I’m not sure if you can copy & paste the above so that you can hold on to the accent mark, but there is probably a special feature which handles diacritics somewhere in the system …

  2. also! since this might be a low-key Xmas, gift-wise, I’m hoping to snag some of them jars of pickled goodness!

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