I Need to Put Something Up

It’s been a long week.  I had hoped to post some pictures today, but I just enjoyed the outside kittens instead — and worked in the garden.

Big Guy (formerly known as SGWK) has taken to eating wet food for dinner.  He does fight with himself an awful lot.  I thought about filming him.  I can’t help him.  He is the old man of wild kittens.

I worried that Harry would be the recipient of Big Guy’s aggression, but that has not been true.  Big Guy tolerates Harry and even the three little kittens who still come around.

In the end, the only fighting is Big Guy with his own mouth.  I think it is difficult for him to eat.   Maybe it’s his teeth; maybe it’s his health.  I still think that the only time I will have the chance to pet him will be when he is dead.

There are three little kittens that I need to trap.  I think I could do it after big guy and Harry have had their wet food.   The bigger problem is finding their mom.  I think I saw her today, and if I am right, she is pregnant again.

I may need to talk to my second over neighbor — the kittens seem to come from there.  I don’t know.

I’ve planted cucumbers and sweat peas.  I hope they make.  The okra is producing slowly but surely, and my fight against the ants that have tried to destroy all my okra continues.

There were fewer stink bugs on the tomatoes and the plants have pushed through for a third round, so perhaps letting nature take over will work out now or next year.

Tomorrow, the front yard!!!!


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