This is what a day can be about

Even though I opposed the invasion of Iraq and from the beginning agreed that taking out Al Queda in Afghanistan should have been more like a multinational force for the good of the people in that country, I understand that there have been people who have done the impossible.

Tomorrow, I will think of this guy , though I have seen that sort of face before.

I still stop what I am doing to watch and morn those who have died each night on the News Hour.  Those guys, along with This Week on Sundays, are the only ones who still remember that we have people who have died.

This year, unlike any other, the idiots have taken over.


6 responses to “This is what a day can be about

  1. I think most of us remebr those who have died in the war. I know I do.

  2. The wing nuts I monitor don’t. They rail against PBS as liberal and ABC as well, yet those are the only two networks — not FOX — who have continued to memorialize the dead.

  3. If you think so.

  4. Ola! crazy day especially the p.m. part … I’ll drop in on Calle later tonight to say ‘hey!’ again …

  5. Hey! again … I’m glad this Monday is done with … the rest of the week should be only passably loco … will talk to ya later (tomorrow) … the more I think of it the better I liked the movie (Laurence & Ryan) …

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