What Happened, Michale Berry?

Back when it was fashionable to care about the Gulf Coast, Michale Berry decided he would organize another caravan for Labor Day weekend.

What happened?  Today he said that he took the entire weekend to come up with a monologue for tomorrow evening when he subs for Mark Levin.

I guess we can conclude that his listeners care more about racial profiling in Arizona than jobs on the Gulf Coast.  The proof is in the pudding.


8 responses to “What Happened, Michale Berry?

  1. He is multi-tasking. He should be talking about more than one topic, otherwise his show would be pretty boring.

  2. What was your point?

  3. You think he should continue discussing the impact of the oil spill in Louisanna.

    • I think he should keep his word. But he rarely does, and so I am not surprised. I do enjoy pointing it out.

      He reads my blog, you know. He used to comment here, but not any more. Why do you think that is?

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