Sound Familiar?

From the NYT:

Mr. Pearcy and other drifters and homeless people were recruited onto the Green Party ballot by a Republican political operative who freely admits that their candidacies may siphon some support from the Democrats. Arizona’s Democratic Party has filed a formal complaint with local, state and federal prosecutors in an effort to have the candidates removed from the ballot, and the Green Party has urged its supporters to steer clear of the rogue candidates.

“These are people who are not serious and who were recruited as part of a cynical manipulation of the process,” said Paul Eckstein, a lawyer representing the Democrats. “They don’t know Green from red.”

But Steve May, the Republican operative who signed up some of the candidates along Mill Avenue, a bohemian commercial strip next to Arizona State University, insists that a real political movement has been stirred up that has nothing to do with subterfuge.

Republicans were up to something similar here in Texas.  (Because you know that Rick Perry can’t win in a straight-up race.)  And just to show how screwed up the 2006 election was — Perry won with 39% of the vote — Chris Bell won a $2 million dollar judgment against Republican Governors Association.


2 responses to “Sound Familiar?

  1. The Republicans do not want to be playing this game of creating straw-men “front” parties. I’m sure it seems awfully clever to the frat-boy mentalities of people like Breitbart and the sophomoric pricks who have pretty much taken over the National Review, but they are not so clever that someone, somewhere down the line won’t talk. And nothing defines their sniffy contempt towards their fellow Americans then the abuse of homeless people. If they tried the equivalent of making some panhandler dance on the sidewalk before they’d fork over a bill or two they’d get their asses beaten by any decent passerby.

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