The Brisket Experiment

Tomorrow, while watering the new lawn and the different garden beds in the back yard, I will attempt to BBQ a brisket I bought last fall.  I’ve had it in the freezer since then.  I put it down in the fridge last night.

I crushed some white pepper seeds and mixed that with some kosher salt.  I brushed the 2.5 lb. brisket with mustard and then sprinkled the pepper and salt mixture evenly on both sides.  It’s in the fridge marinating.

I’ll get up early in the morning and start the water and then build a fire.  I’ve only ever used pecan.  I’ve got a big tree in the back and let a sapling grow long enough to get some 2 inch chunks when I cut it down.

I start my fire with some twigs, leaves and newspaper.  Once the fire is started, I add increasingly larger bits of pecan.  As the larger branches start to burn out, I add the thicker chunks from the sapling.  I should have a good smoldering grill in less than 30 minutes.

The brisket needs to grill for about 3 and a half to four hours.  I’m terrible about taking the lid off the grill to take a peak, but I will try my best to start a fire that will keep me from doing that tomorrow.

While the brisket is going, I will work in the back yard, in the hope that I will see Junebug.  She wasn’t around at all today and Harry and I are worried.  Perhaps if I work in the back she will show up.

I’ve got to build trellises for the new cucumbers to grow on and then plant them.  I’ve got to build another bed and plant squash.  I’ve got to plant the sweet peas in the first beds, and I’ve got to plant the sunflowers in pots.  Cleaning the garage and planting a few more sunflowers will round everything out.

And that’s just the morning 🙂

Right now, with the exception of not seeing Junebug, I really do like my world.  That’s a big exception though.


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