Free Rice has a New Version

If expanding your English vocabulary while donating rice wasn’t enough, Free Rice has expanded.  (I’ve got a link to them on the side bar, but you can access it here.)

It is still the prettiest web site I have ever seen, and you still get to donate the rice, which shows up in a bowl, once you get enough correct answers.

It’s also got a log in option, so if you want to compete, you can possibly get your name up there, like an old time video game at the laundromat.

Roberto and I did the Art section today over the phone.  He got up to the highest level.  Sadly, I wasn’t signed in to take credit for his knowledge.

Try it.  It’s one of those time wasters that has the potential to educate you.  I liked the geography section in particular.


2 responses to “Free Rice has a New Version

  1. I did about 20 minutes on the art section after we spoke. YaY! I got 46 straight correct and then FAILED 3 in a row (although 1 was Asian and that’s a blind spot for me, when it comes to names … the only 2 I know are Hokusai & Hiroshige) … but it is fun, that’s for sure.
    Geography will be next!

    • I found that the geography got difficult both identifying countries and capitals when it got to all of the crazy island groups in the Pacific and the Caribbean.

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