The Way it is Done

I watched and listened to President Obama tonight.  His address was quiet, sincere, heartfelt, and nothing like what W. did back on “Mission Accomplished” day.

I’ve wasted things in my life: money, time, opportunities, other people’s time, but I have never wasted as much money or as many lives as George W. Bush has.  The woman Margaret interviewed on the News Hour tonight just made me cry.  It reminded me of the one Iraqi student we’ve had in our program at school.  Iraq is cursed, she said.  Margaret said she hoped the woman was wrong.  It was heartbreaking.

The president addressed our nation well and all of the criticism — from both the left and the right — is uncalled for.  This president has had to walk a line few others have — perhaps none other has.  He’s doing a good job and his poll numbers are coming up — despite the spitefulness of people on both sides.

I still believe in Hope.  I still believe in Change.  I am also realistic and pragmatic.  It will take time.  How much time depends on this November.  We can go forward — pick up a stronger Democratic majority — or go backwards — return to the frivolous investigations and government shut downs brought about by divided government in the 1990’s.  Remember, when Dems took over in 2006, they didn’t shut things down.  The Republicans will if they have just a one seat majority.

I was proud of my president tonight — I’ve been proud of him for a long time now.  I am hopeful that the economy will start coming back in the next couple of months and that come November, we will see that the hate and anger directed toward him will be recognized for what it is.


2 responses to “The Way it is Done

  1. I thought he hit a home run. More than ever, and it was especially notable in tonight’s address, I think we are very fortunate (and more so than we might know for a very long time) to have Barack Obama as our President. I remember when Michael Dukakis said that good government was based on good management rather than visionary rhetoric and I knew what he meant and thought there was some merit in it, especially when the visionary rhetoric was nothing more than feel-good platitudes. And I also remember when Bush senior referred offhandedly to ‘the vision thing’ and understood what he meant as well, the requirement that presidential candidates must have something to say that transcended that decade’s policies and issues and his offhandedness was also in some ways a dismissal, again with some small merit in it, that it was a superficial stylistic requirement (similar to the requirement that any serious presidential candidate must make some public profession of faith, however insincere (Bush sr. again, or Ronald Reagan for that matter)). But President Obama, along with his very needed attributes of calm and unflappability and courage and ethics that are personal and not just a legal adherence to rules, has that rare thing, the ability to reflect back to Americans the best aspects of what has always been OUR vision. People make that claim for Ronald Reagan but for millions of Americans during his 8 year tenure, his version of that national vision was cold and cruel and exclusionary. The criticism from the left is shortsighted and maddening, and there are some (fewer though than the pundits would like to have us believe) who are willing and ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater, to set us back 10 or 15 years or more simply because they can’t have everything they want immediately. But the base is secure and untroubled and despite constant provocation, hardworking and quiet and fully aware of when election day comes around next. As for the criticism of the right, I do not believe that anyone, anyone, could read a transcript of tonight’s address and be critical of it unless they are reactionary racists.
    I agree about Margaret’s report, and the saddest thing about the Iraqi woman who was speaking was that she never once stopped smiling bravely, if only out of politeness.

  2. That’s what touched me. She had lost so much, but what is there left to do but carry on. And she did it in a way that shames all of the whiners in this country.

    TEA Party means Taxed Enough Already, so I understand and everyone paid less in taxes the first year of Obama’s presidency than they had in a long time.

    I can only call them idiots.

    Or Morans.
    you reminded me of something. . . . .

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