Do you See Yourself Here?

I don’t.


One response to “Do you See Yourself Here?

  1. Good God Almighty!!! The reporter has even more patience than I do (and I’m famous for it!!!) … Lots of good moments in there though … like the fat guy with the health-freak woman beside him who makes a distinction between “The Blacks” and “The African Americans”, and the guy who can’t remember Cordoba and says “Help me out here, Bill” (ha ha, Bill doesn’t have a clue either) … and the woman whose sister lives in Arizona & is an expert on the hordes of pregnant illegals … oh well, wtf? Lotsa fatties, and a few who seemed, to put it kindly, what used to be referred to as ‘feebleminded’ … and all those poor American flags being clutched in those sweaty chubby paws … oh, my poor hometown …

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