I was alive and paying attention

back in the 2002 midterms for congress.  It’s when Karl Rove and his buddies rolled out the Iraq invasion authorization that caused Hillary so many problems in the primaries.

I think Obama remembers that too.

Here’s a link to someone I trust — someone who helped get the Health Care act through with his work.

I’m hoping that there’s something in the works.  It’s a great deal different than cowing people into a senseless war.  It’s about getting the economy back on its feet.

Hopey Hopey Hopey.

He’s in NOLA tonight.  I’m too sleepy/lazy to point to all of Jindalh’s idiotic stances during the oil spill, but I am sure he hoped that it would last until November.   As I told my absent commenter bubba, everything would work out in August.  And it has.  Jindalh’s berms weren’t needed or smart.  And that independent stance he took, while looking for every dollar he could get doesn’t match up with his philosophy, much like Alaska’s debt to the rest of us is never going to be repaid.

Republicans and conservatives are not going to make anything in this country better — they are just in it for themselves, see :  Palin and Beck.


One response to “I was alive and paying attention

  1. Agreed. Jindal and others are cynically dependent on the amnesia of voters. But there are always the ones who remember. Oh, and after wandering if there was any coverage of the BeckPalin “it’s all about me er god er me” hootenany this past weekend, I got my comeuppance in the form of a 10-second blast of Palin (oh god almighty! that voice! that inability to read! the incomprehensible adoration of the big uns in their lawn chairs!)

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