Who is in Charge of Harris County Voting?


Where is Bill White’s support the strongest?  Here in Harris County.

And then the machines burned.  Literally.

What a back-assward place I live in.

First, we get voting machines that force voters to “trust” since there is no paper ballot.  Now we have no machines to vote on.  Perhaps we will all have to do mail in ballots.

This is the last straw.  All of the idiots in charge of voting here will by hell or high water make sure that the voter turnout is low.  It’s the only way they can win here.

As an aside, it must chap Michale Berry’s ass that callers confuse him with Chris Baker — especially since Berry fired Baker and then brought him back.

Good times.

Oh, and remember that the Harris County official who is in charge of voter registration was a Latino who was appointed by the guy who left the office (Bettoncourt) and then defeated by the stupid Republican voters by a guy who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

How better to screw voters and make sure the turnout in Harris county is screwed than set fire to all of the voting machines.

Given Perry’s belligerence and Michale Berry;s freakish rants, I don’t put anything past the “brigade” especially since Berry has sent them on a fool’s errand more than once.


2 responses to “Who is in Charge of Harris County Voting?

  1. White never had much of chance. He bankrupt the city and allowed Houston to become a sanctuary city. He has very little to offer Texans and dispite Perry Texas is fairly financial stable compared to the rest of the country. White would change all of the and make us as poor as the other states.

  2. timmie, it’s really not recommended to comment while drunk.

    White will win. The majority of people in this state are tired of the fake cowboy. Perry won last time with 39% of the vote. That’s not a majority.

    Houston is not and never has been a sanctuary city. A law abiding city? Yes. Stop believing everything you hear on talk radio.

    Bill White has a lot to offer non-cowboy faker Texans. For one he won’t call for succession or try to coattail on the teabaggers.

    Perry, through his idiocy (see the N.J. governor for an example) is well on the way to making us the educational and quality of life laughing stock of the country.

    If you like that, more power to ya.

    And while we’re at it, you can buy one of the toxic Bush FEMA trailers now in Texas.

    YEE HAH.

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