What to name it

I’ve decided that I will start another blog.

I want to separate it from the unfocused (deliberately so) main blog I have and just focus on where stuff is made.  I wish I would have started it before now, but now is better than never.

I want to state first off that I do not have a problem with some things made in China.  And I also want to make sure that it’s not a “made in ‘merika’ ” fetish either.

I just want to show that if you search a bit, and if you want something enough, you can avoid buying from China and buy either USA or from another country.

I just don’t know what to call the blog.

Calle Viena was easy enough.  This one is a little bit more difficult.

Any suggestions?


One response to “What to name it

  1. Hmmm … I’ll put on my thinking cap (made in Stumpyland) and see what comes up! This would be interesting (the new blog) and who knows? maybe it could become a sort of clearinghouse of ideas of alternatives to the Walmart/Target/everywhere that depends so heavily on Chinese-made goods. Give the Tanzanians & the Sri Lankans a chance to benefit from the “market”!

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