Michale Berry: Liar or Just Dumb as a Box of Rocks

Yesterday, Michale Berry pointed to, among other things, a tragedy in Mexico and a worrisome occurrence in Iowa.  Anyone who simply listened to him and didn’t check up on what he stated to be fact (not opinion), would be misinformed.

First, the tragedy in Mexico:

The gruesome killing was discovered after the lone survivor, 18-year-old Luis Freddy Lala Pomavilla, staggered wounded to a marine checkpoint on a highway and told authorities about the slaughter.

The Mexican military went in and in the ensuing gun battle, lost one of their own.  The news reports have been updated, so the information is different at the same links that I accessed yesterday, but suffice to say, when Michale Berry said the following, I was able to look up the AP report within seconds and determine that what he had said was inaccurate.


Seventy-two murdered migrants from Central America shot and killed by a racist navy in Mexico.  The Mexican Navy shooting and killing 72 migrants that were coming from Central America through Mexico. You see, Mexico doesn’t like illegal aliens unless they’re theirs.  They don’t want any Guatemalans or Hondurans or Belizians (sic).  They don’t want any Panamanians or Uruguayans or Paraguayans Ecuadorians.  Anybody coming here illegally it’s gonna be their people because when the money gets sent back they want it coming into Mexico. Yes, indeed, yes indeed.

Second is Iowa:

Capt. Randy Dawson said he cannot find the origin of information that appeared in a police report that said on-duty officers at the fair Friday night said there were 30 to 40 people roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it “beat whitey night.”

The report was written by Sgt. Dave Murillo, but Dawson his efforts to verify the original source of that information have been unsuccessful.

Dawson also said that interviews with victims of attacks outside the fairgrounds have not produced evidence that any of the incidents were racially motivated.

Gonzalez and Dawson said the “beat whitey night” info stemmed from “general intelligence information” that was unsubstantiated and misinterpreted.

Murillo made the report while he was working off-duty at Mercy hospital, Dawson said. It is unclear who told Murillo that people roaming the fairgrounds were making those kinds of statements.

“I’ve been looking into that, and I cannot find the origin of that comment,” Dawson said.

Police do not believe any of the attacks were planned or orchestrated, Dawson said.

“I would say it was random,” he said. “. . .There’s no indication there was a plan to make this kind of disruption.”

—snip —

The violence outside the fairgrounds has garnered national attention and prompted one Aryan group to say it will send members to Des Moines to “answer the call of white people.”

Paul Mullet, national director of the Aryan Nations/ Church of Jesus Christ Christian, sent an email on Wednesday to State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad, D-Des Moines, that criticized the lawmaker for saying he didn’t have enough information to decide if the fights were racially motivated.

The group’s website says it exists to “safeguard the existence and reproduction” of the white race.

In 2001 Congressional testimony, former FBI director Louis Freeh testified Aryan Nations “represent a continuing terrorist threat.”

Berry, also yesterday, speaking in reference to Democrats and Democratic voters:

If they’re not white, then they tell ’em, hey, you gotta beat whitey.  You gotta show up and vote like at the Iowa state fair, the beat whitey night where they went and attacked white people randomly as some sort of gang initiation.  Well, that’s how they get their minority votes.

Berry repeated the slur against the Mexican military later in his show, even after I had emailed him, telling him he had his facts wrong.  (I also offered to do his research for him to keep him from embarrassing himself, but we all know accuracy is not his point.)

Verdict:  Michale Berry is a LIAR.


2 responses to “Michale Berry: Liar or Just Dumb as a Box of Rocks

  1. I am surprised as Sam Maloane and Dan Patrick reported the Mexico tragedy correctly but then again they are on KSEV.

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