I unexpectedly got a PUPPY fix this evening.

No pictures, sorry only description.

Storm clouds gathered around these parts around 5 p.m. this evening and I hoped for a little rain.  The rain started — while I was watering the new lawn — and around 6, the power went out.

Tammy and Murphy were out in the front yard — they are still — and poor Dora and the inside kittens immediately got hot.  Ok, so did I.

I kept the water on the lawn with my new Taiwanese made sprinkler, since I knew we wouldn’t get enough rain to make a difference.  I also kept checking out the window for a CenterPoint truck — I can’t call since I don’t have a cell and my landline phone needs juice to run.  (I’ve got to solve that problem since Centerpoint doesn’t have a way to report outages online . . .grrr.)

At one point I looked out the front window and saw my neighbor’s female pit bull running after another neighbor’s cocker spaniel, trailed by a  slew of puppies.


I went outside and my neighbor who owes me money did the right thing and offered to take momma pup and the puppies in his house since the owner wasn’t home and he couldn’t call her for the same reason I couldn’t call anybody.

Only thing is, he only got the momma pup and three of hers.  I rounded up the other three puppies.  And then I had a PUPPIES moment or two with them.

Two of them were silver puppies.  One was black.  Oh PUPPIES.  Squirmy licky scratchy PUPPIES.  PUPPIES.

Someone stop me.  I have three puppies.

PUPPIES.  I sat on the recalcitrant neighbor’s porch for just a bit before I told him I had three more PUPPIES that needed their mom.

A bit later,  the momma puppy’s mom came home, and upon seeing that she and her pups had gotten out, started calling for her.  I waved to her and said the pups were in neighbor’s house.  I happily helped take two of the six babies home and helped get mom and babies back into the crate.



2 responses to “PUPPIES!

  1. puppies!! ha ha ha … and 6 of ’em? oh noes! … did the power come back on? before I left work I heard that it was storming something fierce over by the airport but all we got was sprinkles (which was fine with me) …
    tom update: everything went well although the recovery will take a while … more details later … i’m still planning on swinging by tomorrow (tues.) but will buzz ya beforehand if anything comes up …
    that was an odd end to the thread on the post before this one! pretty funny though!

    • Do you remember the lab pups that ran around the yard back in the day? This was way more intense. Mikey said he would have some money for me . . . I don’t remember . . . because I don’t care.

      Puppies reminded me of Murph’s bunch.

      I got everything to recreate the pizza without the wine. Just give me a heads up of about 30 minutes.

      Good news about Tom. Perhaps sometime we can all grill in the backyard. It’s my hope, you know. That Barbara can come over and not get spooked by the pups and might enjoy the POND that you will help me with.

      That’s another story 😉

      Good news about Tom.

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