Long Day, but Worth It

Today we had the front yard sodded.  It’s about the size of a postage stamp, but the pups love it, so when I saw a Google ad for one pallet installed for $169, I couldn’t resist.  The company is Heights Hauling and Landscape.  (Note, that’s NOT the company advertising on Michale Berry’s show, timmeh.)

It all worked out just like the owner Jeremy said it would when I spoke with him on Monday.  We aimed for today, and R and I cleaned the yard up this morning — which also took about and hour and a half — as I had predicted.  As I told R, “I know my crew!”  Jeremy arrived with one pallet and pieces around 5:00 p.m. and they got to work scraping off the weeds and grading the ground, adding organic gypsum  (for the pup pee).  They worked around the beds and left space around the orchid tree for me to mulch (which I will do tomorrow).

It cost about $400 and it was worth it.  Sure, we could have made a hundred trips to Houston Garden Center, hoping to get enough sod to fill both cars if they had it, and then worked hard to grade the ground  (I wouldn’t have thought of the organic gypsum) and it would have taken us weeks if not months.  This way it is done, and all I have to do is water and take care of it.

And speaking of watering.  I started that first — before I let the poor barking barking barking pups out.  Little Junebug the Outside Kitten was very interested in this “watering” thing.  She settled in just on the edge of the sprinkler’s reach.

I let Dora out first.  Bird dog that she is, she had to do quite a bit of smelling.  She peed and pooped and I used a poop bag to scoop it up right behind her.   Then it was the two “we no like change” pups’ turn to go out, and true to form, Tammy said, “Nothankyou.”  Murphy had a “Buddy” pee on one of the posts from the old deck.  (A Buddy pee is when he goes for so long his leg gets tired and starts to droop.)  I cleaned after him, too.  I’ve got to get into the habit!

I put Murph in the house and went out to move the sprinkler.  When I later tried again and got Tam and Murph to go out, Junebug had moved to the new sprinkler edge.  What a funny girl!  Neighbor loaned me one of those wave sprinklers and I thanked him profusely.  After letting the water go for a bit longer and laughing at the pooped pups (all three), I went out and set up the neighbor’s sprinkler on the other side of the yard.  Checking on it out the front window about 30 minutes later, I see Junebug just inside the front yard, just on the edge of the sprinkler’s reach once again.  In another 30 minutes, I saw her snooping around the orchid tree, and in 30 minutes more, she was back watching the sprinkler.  Often when I come home from work, she hops over the fence from the front yard.  I think she does it 1)to make Dora crazy and 2)because she can.  It’s one of the many reasons I love her so much (and why she worries R 🙂

I’ve got to water it heavily for the next three days, and then twice a day for the following three weeks.  I’ve also got to keep the pups off of it as much as possible, which means walkies!!!!!!

I wasn’t planning on doing this for vacation, but happy accidents sometimes work out.  YaY!

(Pictures tomorrow)


18 responses to “Long Day, but Worth It

  1. They showed up at 5? So a couple of hours hard work then, by the time I showed back up. Oh, and you handled the old bag nosey parker nuisance lady very professionally! And you almost seemed sincerely friendly (ha ha) … It’s going to look great (the yard, of course) … silly silly sweet Junebug!

    • Yeah, they seemed really tired even when they had just arrived. I don’t think you and I could have done it — it would have killed us I think. I’m very happy that this accidentally came up. It’s a better solution than I had had. I’m thinking that I will weed the space between the fence and the sidewalk on the non-sunflower side and move some of the sod from where the crepes where to that place. It’s my job for tomorrow morning.

      And the nosey parker lady just triggered my typical work response to bossy indignant types. I’ve got the “almost sincerely friendly” down at this point. 🙂

      Junebug helped me a lot in the back yard this morning. She’s a sweet girl. And very brave Harry ran off UnPop with a little help (from me) but he was very brave! Big Guy was sleeping on the ciderblocks last I checked. Tammy won’t go outside and for some reason Murph is wary of cookies?!?!?!! Dora is out now watching the sprinkler water the yard. All is predictably normal 🙂

  2. Would it matter if they did? Not to me if they have a good product or service. You sound a little like my mom. She wont eat at any resturant owned by Tillman Fertitta due to his familiy’s mob conection.

    • timmeh, I have long used my hard earned dollars with the idea that it supports people or companies or policies I support. For example, I don’t buy table grapes raised in California. I don’t buy products made in China. I don’t eat Dominos Pizza. And I definitely will never patronize any advertiser on KTRH, KPRC or KSEV. It’s my money, so it’s my choice. Perhaps it is a generational thing. I was a teenager and young adult during the push for divestment in apartheid South Africa and have been a supporter of the UFW since then as well.

      Perhaps there is nothing you care enough about to do the same. Or perhaps you don’t have your own money?

  3. For me I can’t buy into that. I don’t care what their political view is as long as it is not forced on me and I don’t consider advertising on any particular program as views be forced on me. There are things I do care about as there are certain entertainers I will not support thus I will never pay money to see their movies. It some cases I think the difference is some companies who advertise are not making any political statement nor support the stations political views, they are just selling their product, where as actors are indorsing certain candidates that I don’t support. I’m not saying your right or wrong, as you say it is your money. By the way I’m probably in your are group as I know all about the UFW and do not share their opinion.

    • So let’s see, could you say when you were in your twenties that Nelson Mandela had been in prison longer than you had been alive? If so, we are about the same age.

      I’ll try to clarify what I said. I don’t want my money to go to companies or entities and then be used for something I don’t support. I was against apartheid and so I worked to mark sure none of my money went to any company that did business with South Africa at the time. I don’t buy California table grapes because the growers have for years used chemicals that hurt the field workers. I don’t do business with Dominos Pizza because the company supports groups that encouraged people to murder doctors who provided abortion services. I absolutely avoid any advertisers on KTRH, KPRC and KSEV because that would be like paying Michale Berry’s, Chris Baker’s and Dan Patrick’s pay check. And you can bet I’m not even going to do anything like that.

  4. I’ll just tell you right out, I’m 51. I can understand, like I said there are some movies I will not go to due to the actors out spoken political views and I’ll will not give them my money so they can use for their cause. Some local companies however I doubt are political but then again depending on the industry they probably have lobbiests.

  5. Dude, some companies are not only political but also working against working people. If a company chooses to go on a station like KTRH, KPRC or KSEV, then that is political statement in and of itself, given the programming. They don’t want my business and I sure as hell am not going to give it to them.

  6. So then if a company advertises on KPFT they are making a political statement or if a company donates to Channel 8 that is also a political statement? Well that is good to know then.

    • KPFT is listener supported. IOW: it’s non-commercial.

      Channel 8 is also listener supported, which means that while the companies that support Channel 8 value their programming and the people who make up those companies support their programming, yes, they are making a statement — not necessarily political because, you know, their programming is not 100% political or even near it, unlike KTRH, KPRC and KSEV. Seriously, KSEV is owned by a current Republican Texas State Senator and KTRH and KPRC’s general manager is Michale Berry himself, not so long ago a Republican Houston City Councilman.

  7. Yes I know they are listener supported so I would think their donations are more of a political statement than somebody selling their product on a commercial station, especially on KPFT but that is just my thoughts right or wrong.

  8. I think that Chanel 8 does air shows with a political point of view and from some of the commentary I have heard from the radio hosts on KPFT they defiantly have a political slant. I may not agree with them but I do like to watch and listen to some of the programming.

  9. I have listen to KPFT on Saturday mornings when they have music and I guess I have caught them in the afternoon’s and evinging’s when they have had guests on their show talking about various things like Prison Talk. I have never listen to KUHF radio so I would not know. Knowing the history of Pacifica radio I still listen from time to time regardless of their political views.

  10. I can only speak on what I have heard on KPFT and they are as political as the other 3 stations in my opinion.

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