UH has voted to buy Rice’s KTRU and will have two stations — one that will fill the gap left by Michale Berry and company changing KTRH to a wingnut station by being all news — especially local news — and the other — to be KUHC with classical and performing arts broadcasts.


KUHF is just behind KTRH in market share.  You can bet this move will push them past Berry’s stale Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity programming.  UH is predicting 800,000 listeners.  That would swamp Berry’s KTRH.

I figure Berry is shitting his pants at this point.



5 responses to “Hallelujah!

  1. UH will do an excellent job, as they have already with their own station … the Rice signal had been languishing for some time anyway … yay!

    • I’m not all that sympathetic to KTRU — sure back in the day when they had you and your friends on it was all about the local — but for a few years now, I think not.

      This has win all over it. I hope Gail Delaughter hosts the morning news and perhaps some of the young NPR locals contribute. It’s just a breath of fresh air.

      Like I said, we have made it out of the dark ages, FINALMENTE!!!!11!1!!1!!1!

  2. Out of the dark from main stream news? Sounds like to me your still in the dark.

  3. I don’t think so but enjoy KUHF and KPFT, it is sure a differnt brand of news for sure.

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