Michale Berry’s Plan: Divide and Conquer

It’s been done here in Houston before.  Take the minority communities and pit them against each other.  That way, the whites always win.  I’m surprised to see Michale Berry attempting this craven tactic in the early years of the 21st Century.  Houston’s minorities and forward looking whites have done a lot to make this sort of shit ineffective.  But Berry is a throwback, so that may explain it.  He seems to have gotten Quanell X on board, but was too bored to listen to what he was saying when Quanell was on his radio station.  It was kind of funny, Quanell asked if Berry had cut him off and Berry — after some dead air said no, go on, without commenting on Quanell’s more radical ideas.   Actually it was very funny radio.  But dangerous at the same time.

Hopefully Quanell sees what Berry did there and decides not to be Berry’s “useful idiot.”  It would be really sad.  There is nothing that people like Michale Berry would love more than to have blacks start being wary of Hispanics.  It takes the heat off of people who are really screwing them — like Michale Berry.

We in Houston have been there and done that.  Perhaps Michale Berry decided he doesn’t need to know the history of this city he now calls home.  I find that very unlikely, given the coalitions that have existed on city council and the mayor’s office for many years.  No, I think Michale Berry thinks he can revive the old animus.  From what I saw of the murdered girl’s friends on the news tonight, I don’t think that will go very far, even if he gets Quanell to do his dirty work.

From the news report:

“She was outgoing and really fun to be around,” said Clarissa Garcia, one of Anderson’s classmates.

Garcia and Antionette Allen tried out for the 9th grade volleyball team with Anderson at Nimitz High School. On Saturday, they brought flowers, a signed volleyball and posters to show support for the family.

“She loved to dress well, she always wanted her hair done,” Allen said.

Friends and family came from all around Texas to say goodbye at the funeral, which was held at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church..

Josephine Anderson, Shatavia’s great-grandmother, traveled from Orange to attend the funeral, which was held at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church.

“Even though it was a terrible crime committed against her, God is forgiving,” she said, wiping back tears.

Other family members also stressed the importance of remembering Shatavia’s life, not the crime that brutally cut it short.

“We are just here to praise God for the 14 years he gave us with her,” said JoAnn Dowell, Anderson’s aunt.

In the meantime, family and friends continue to struggle to understand why the crime happened in the first place.

“I just can’t believe someone would do that to a little girl like that to one of us,” Garcia said.

Good thing local KHOU didn’t go to Michale Berry or Quanell X for comment.  The little girl’s friends and family have got it right.

There is absolutely no reason anyone should politicize this child’s death.  For those who do: shame on you — especially if your reasons for doing so are so brazen.


One response to “Michale Berry’s Plan: Divide and Conquer

  1. You should see the email he blasted and then the “editorial” he read on the air — which will be published in the World Nut Daily — home of the birthers.

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