Michale Berry: Houston’s Own Weird Al Yankovic

Michale has decided that he can do song parodies.  My god it must be hell listening to the work up because the results are really — let’s say ‘out of tune’.

Ok, he’s just following the Rush Limbaugh model but doing it in house.  Path to glory and all that.

One thing that Rush Limbaugh GARUNTEES is that he is 90 something percent correct.

Michale Berry cannot claim that.

Today, he stated that “free speech zones” started with Obama.  The guy he was actually interviewing schooled him on that.  It’s happened before.  The last two days he has been harping on the female firefighter who accused her coworkers of harassing her. He gets it wrong every time.  The BLACK female firefighter is in good standing with her union and has never had a problem — yet her co-workers defaced her locker with racial slurs.

Michale Berry would like for you to think that woman’s name is Jane Draycott and that she is BLACK and that’s why Houston now has a BLACK fire chief.  That’s his narrative.

In fact, Michale Berry has heard a lot of bad shit about Jane Draycott and would love for her to be BLACK.  But she’s not.  But he wants you to think she is, so he can explain why the fire chief in Houston is now BLACK.

It doesn’t really work.

But that doesn’t matter.  Michale will continue to focus on BLACK people and problems BLACK people have, all the while the problem seems to be with white people . . .

I don’t understand this and never have.

Lastly, Michale was crowing (not figuratively) about his supposed ratings.  For some prospective on that, let’s look at the numbers.  For radio, Houston is the sixth largest market.  Within that market, KTRH is 16th and his other station KPRC (former home of Jon Matthews ) is 27th.  Yet Michale seems to think that a first in Texas at 5:00 is something to crow about when he is mostly off the air due to Astro’s games.  I’ve stopped listening to Astro’s game because of Michale Berry.  Here are the numbers from Arbitron:  KTRH has some 622,700 listeners at any moment,  Michale Berry has far fewer supporters on Facebook.  KPRC has 261,800 at any point.  Remember, the rating ar based on people listening for as little as 15 minutes, and with KTRH and KPRC that is about all anyone can take.  The top Houston stations rank in the millions of listeners.  And why does Berry crow? His market share has gone down from 3.7 to 3.1 on KTRH and KPRC has gone from 1.o to 0.9.


That spells fail to me.  Top market station went from 6.4 to 6.8.


Michale Berry might just lose another job.

That might just make me happy.


10 responses to “Michale Berry: Houston’s Own Weird Al Yankovic

  1. OT! … I replied to yer email …. sounds like a possibility … do they have a display, do you think, where one could check out their work? … since they’re so close by it might be worth it … I’ll be over before rehearsal tomorrow after work but will buzz (like a bee) to check in …

    • Here is the website. I’ thinking about buying some bricks to block off the trees and beds and the part which I will build after the crepe is dead. I’m thinking it might be the right deal.

  2. Damned at Random

    Third rate wingnut talker Rusty Humphries also does lame song parodies- claims John McCain stole Bomb Bomb Iran from him – as if that was worth bragging about. My husband calls him Crusty – which is funnier than any of the jokes on his show – my husband is a funny guy among other outstanding qualities.

  3. I love those parodies, yes some are better than others but I say keep it up!

  4. What is one man’s Dr. Pepper is anothers man’s champagne.

  5. And I was polite with my answer.

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