Gah, Michael Berry Had Pam Geller on . . .

Clearly Michael hasn’t been on the intertubes for very long. If there is anyone who can out-talk Michael it is Pammy.  She ate his lunch.

Another embarrassing moment for Berry came when the wife of an injured police officer whom he had visited called to disagree with him about his stand on parking spaces of all things.  He thinks that businesses should decide how many handicapped spaces should be allotted — you know because that is such a big deal.  (For the fat, I am sure.)

This has always been a rub for Libertarians and Conservatives.  They want to have the government out of their lives, just so long as that same government interferes with anything liberals support.  You know the routine.  I’ve got mine, fuck you and the always popular, I love the Mexicans but want to kill the smugglers bullshit of Chris Baker.

Look, Baker advocated killing people at the boarder with his posse.  I wasn’t the only one who heard that.

Red Ink and Jason and Cory and Kevin hoped to reduce the voter turn out by bitching about people getting flu vaccines at the polls.   Are you kidding me?  Let them all whine.




5 responses to “Gah, Michael Berry Had Pam Geller on . . .

  1. There was some Islam conspiracy the Red Ink was pushing not so long ago that turned out to be nonsense. I can’t find it.

  2. I think Michael Berry is great. You must deep down inside like him as you continue to listen to his show daily.

  3. Of course.

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