As I Start My Vacation

I’m just wondering about all of the consumerism.  Do we really need to buy gold?  Do we really need a bank to talk to us personally?  I’ve banked at one bank for years and have never really needed them to attend to me personally.  Do we really need mortgage lenders?  Why not just go through a bank? That’s the one time personal contact is important.

I don’t get this.  Perhaps I want to work on my little piece of ground.  I don’t need much.  I work for kitten food and puppy treats mostly, and to have a meal now and again.

Perhaps I am becoming a miser.  I just want to work on my yard and house and have people not bother me with their bullshit.

My vacation started 5 hours ago.  It makes me happy.  This vacation, I’m just going to count Wednesdays.  For my first Wednesday, I will clean the yards and the house and maybe get a nap in.  Ohhhhh, should I call Michael Berry’s show and then snore on air?  It’s tempting.


One response to “As I Start My Vacation

  1. yay for vacations! yours is going to be a good one, i knows it!

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