Another Republican Punked

I’ll leave the link for tomorrow.  You know I love to make money off of their links to my blog 😉

And now it is tomorrow 🙂

This guy thinks he knows who I am.  He doesn’t.  He thinks I will register with diigo to comment on Kevin’s comments with my real name.  He thinks he can intimidate me.  Funny that.

Now he thinks he can actually change my words.  Punked again.   Here’s what he has to say about what I wrote:

Well, that didn’t take long… Now she is posting veiled threats of violence.
Ms. Huff (if that is truly your real name), please consider yourself put on notice. What you posted is skirting very close to the legal definition of verbal assault and terroristic threats, or at a minimum encouraging others to carry out acts of violence against myself and/or Kevin. If you come near me or mine, I am prepared to defend myself and my family, up to and including deadly force if legally authorized. Playtime is now officially OVER. Unlike most Libtards, I do legally own weapons and am versed in their use. So are all of the members of my family, including my youngest daughter. It was funny when you took politics personally, but I take threats of violence personally too. Consider yourself warned.

Wait, did he say he was a Libtard?

OMG I SAID DYING.  So that means I want him and his family to die, right?  What an idiot.  Here’s what I wrote:

At some point, the white whining will splinter out to what it really is:  whites who feel threatened will fight back viciously, mostly with little information.  Seriously, when the white guy was in charge, he made his case clear.  A dying, shrinking white guy whine sounds like Kevin and Red Ink.

Hear their last roar.

What a freaking drama queen.  I feel sad for his daughter.  She’s got a whiner — an unemployed one at that last I checked — for a father, waving his dick around.  Very unattractive.

Please click on his link so he will make some of the money I have been taking away from him.  You know, just to make him appear worthwhile in front of his kids.  Just so he can point and tell his daughter, look honey I made some money on web ads today, your old man ain’t shit, I swears.

Oh, and no one named Michelle Huff works for UH.  You can check it for yourself.  This guy has been in on so many conspiracy theories you’d think he was unemployed.  Oh, wait.


5 responses to “Another Republican Punked

  1. At least I posted comments on the unemployed’s blog and made him some MONEY!!!!

    Oh, wait. I didn’t click on his ads.

  2. I’m thinking that he’s either saying that he’s NOT a libtard and therefore owns weapons … or maybe that he thinks libtards own weapons but not legally? like him and his kin folk, including his youngest daughter? … more to the point, he doesn’t know what a metaphor is and so your metaphor has apparently caused him & his kin folk, including his youngest daughter, to barricade themselves in anticipation of your terroristical assault???

  3. oh, btw, we is back … crazy visit … details can wait … kittehs were waiting and have now finally forgiven us … many many treats, as you can imagine …

    • Hello Roberto! I’m glad you are back and the kittehs are happy! I’m prepared to hear all about the crazy visit. Also too, the blog now shows the latest comments. Maybe I did that, but I don’t think so. At any rate now you can keep up!

      One more day and then it’s all out VACATION!

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