Fighting the Franchise

Republicans have been — at least since the Southern Strategy — fighting against the franchise.  There was Ann Coulter stating that women shouldn’t be able to vote (big whoop, she said it).   There has also been a strategic move by Republicans to make sure that no one who might not toe their line be challenged about voting.

You see, I’m lucky.  I’m white, and I’m on the older side, so Paul Bettencourt couldn’t challenge my right to vote.  Others are not so lucky.

If you are an African-American male, Paul and Justin and Kevin and Cory and Jason have been working to make sure you don’t have the right to vote.

If you are an immigrant, those same people are making sure that it’s completely reasonable to suggest that other people, namely BABIES will pay for their parents’ decisions and will never get to vote.  This is assuming that all of them will stay here, that all of them will come back one day and vote out the people who might have declared their birthright.

This is something that the mainstream media has given credence to.  We are, as a country, looking at changing a law — and you know they will try, just like with marriage and guns and flag burning — that affects so many people.  They will use it to tear families apart.

While Kevin and this idiot see fit to occupy their time with me, I look to another person who just thinks he is too cute:  Chris Baker.

When I called into his show so many years ago and stated that a driver’s license wasn’t proof of citizenship, he poo-pooed me.  He’s an idiot.  The laws have changed and foreigners still get driver’s licenses, the ones for internationals is different now.  However, Baker still thinks he is on the side of immigrants.  That shit doesn’t fly for very long if you listen to him.  Remember, he wants to take his posse down to the border and shoot people.

But I digress.

People like these hope that they can stem the tide of voters (not enough Cubans!!!).

People like me hope that more people get to vote.  Always have.


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