The Hate is Thick, It is, But We CAN Cut Through It

Here I sit, on the eve of my jam-packed vacation, not worrying about much but the house, garden and babies, and the world keeps butting in.

First, YaY for the Constitution.  Prop 8 in Cali: mass mob rule and the Founding Fathers didn’t want that, don’t you know.

OMG — KHOU is just now discovering that the museums are advertising on the trains.  It’s been there for a while.  Advertising the city is a bad thing?  Gah.  KHOU is bowing to the wingnuts almost every day.  I’ve said it before:  Houston is a blue city with a disproportionate amount of wingnuts.

Kevin still can’t figure out how to comment here, but I understand why none of the people he sends here comment — they are starving me of revenue from all of the ads I run on the site.  Kevin is cutting into my profits!!!!!  Damn it.  I could have been rich.

And meanwhile there was a judge in Cali that decided a case based on the Constitution.  Good for him.  It’s going to happen.  I still remember running off people in the parking garage who were there illegally putting their little propaganda on cars.  Was that you?

And this week, we got our third female on the court.  I cannot tell you how that makes me feel.  I can’t believe it happened while I am still alive.

It’s amazing.

Think about it.  We went from one to two to one to two to three.  And if President Obama is the man I know him to be, every one of his nominees will be women.

That’s one thing I don’t understand — he has made so many things possible now.  On every point, white men lose.  White men are the ones whining the most, be it Kevin Whited or this guy or you name it.

At some point, the white whining will splinter out to what it really is:  whites who feel threatened will fight back viciously, mostly with little information.  Seriously, when the white guy was in charge, he made his case clear.  A dying, shrinking white guy whine sounds like Kevin and Red Ink.

Hear their last roar.


2 responses to “The Hate is Thick, It is, But We CAN Cut Through It

  1. ha ha …. some good ones! … and, from the perspective of this non-whiny white guy, Obama’s decisions have been good for guys/gals of every color (including some of the same whiny white guys who might notice their lot in life would be improved under the Dems, if only they (wwguys) could manage to extricate their heads from their derrieres) …

    • And to think that once upon a time you and I argued politics!

      Thank you Roberto. Thank you for showing up. I knew you would and that makes all the difference.

      Vacation starts on Wednesday! I’m so ready.

      Oh, and the big thing I was supposed to do at work: it’s toast. Tell you about it later.

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