YaY Me!

I think I solved the vacation logjam that existed at work today.  We all get to take the vacation time we are entitled to and one person will finally be left in charge (during a down time) with confidence.

While that one person will never thank me, I don’t care — I get a whopping 88 hours off the job.  I do have plans.

I have a list now, and the thing is, I have to prioritize it.  I think I have enough battery power to document the whole thing.  It will be quite a sight.

I guess I am compelled because I don’t have any babies to care for.  There are the kittens who come around about 10 AM to eat (and Junebug ridiculously chases away).    I need to approach the neighbor whose house it originated from about trapping them.

Today I got a picture of the little ones I saved last year.

They are lovely.

Look at them!  They are alive because of me and Roberto.  They have a home because of my good friend Barbara and their forever moms.  What a relief.  I can say look at those little kittens — who grew up here.

At times like this, all the other stuff just fades away.


2 responses to “YaY Me!

  1. yer vacation projects (the ones you told me about) sound cool and (maybe more importantly) do-able! yay!
    and yes, seeing Cowgirl Edith & Cowboy Vincent all grown up is both incredible & wonderful … they are funny beautiful kitties ….

    • I showed their pic to everyone at work — pointing to their larva state that I have pinned up on my bulletin board.

      I kept their pic up all day. What pretty kittehs.

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