Local Houston KHOU has Contracted the Michale Berry Disease


First, I heard about how the expiration of tax cuts would lead to people making not very much money would lead to those same people getting their tax credits for their kids getting cut.  This is not true.  It is just a way to scare people.  If you don’t make more than $250K your taxes have gone down already and they will not go up.  Either you can’t figure out how to read you your paycheck, in which case I can’t help you, or your boss is cheating you.  Simple truth for more that a year and a half now.

Now they are trolling for people hating on the poor — those on “government assistance” getting a little help with cell phones.  WHAT A LUXURY!!!!!  Meh.  I don’t have a cell, but if I didn’t have a job now, I would appreciate it.  If I had a cell, I wouldn’t mind helping some HOMELESS PERSON OR FAMILY find a home or maybe a job.  Thanks KHOU for focusing on how people are shits.  (I got mine FUCK YOU. — That;s the attitude they are encouraging — right up Michale Berry’s alley.)


But before Shurn Min Chow’s (that’s how her name sounds, who cares if I get it right?) report on Charlie /Rangel/:  pronounced with stress on the first  syllable and rhyming with Angel pronounced with a Spanish accent.  Shurn Min Chow did it more than once.

Look, if you are a teevee presenter, get your pronunciation right, especially for a man who has been to war and survived and served his county.  Weepy Shurn Min Chow could learn a few things from Charlie Rangel, like compassion for people down on their luck or the poor in general.  But she’s probably just cow-towing to Michale Berry’s point of view.  Because you know in this city that elected a lesbian(!) and has elected liberals for YEARS THAT Michale Berry attitude is predominant. NOT.  Sucking up to the MINORITY (conservative Michale Berry peeps) works, I suppose.  Maybe they are just trying it out for the weekend.

Remember, KHOU did a fluff piece on Berry not all that long ago.  Whose nads does Berry have over there?

Of course there is nothing on their website about the news they just broadcast.

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