Diigo and Kevin Whited Piss All Over My Blog

You know, I don’t advertise.  I don’t run this blog for money or fame.  You could say I am sort of a pure blogger.  I do it because, you know what, it gives me the avenue that just wasn’t available when I was in my twenties and arguing with Sterling Morrison.  At a bar.  In the Heights or at the Ginger Man in University place..

I’m not in this for the money.  I’m not in this for the notoriety.  I ran into one of my old boyfriends at the Kroger and he asked me if I was still writing.  I write because that is what I do.  When I was younger, I had hoped to write a novel.  I wrote all of those years — about everything — not just politics — but everything.  I cannot help but write.

This medium has given me the chance to write.

But there are some who think that they can make fun of my writing and all the while shield themselves from any ridicule.  They are Kevin Whited and Corey the Quitter.

I have asked Kevin to stop linking to my blog.  He thinks it is cute to keep calling my posts “nachos.”

I call him and Cory cowards.

7 responses to “Diigo and Kevin Whited Piss All Over My Blog

  1. hey! nice link to Sterling … Can’t speak to Corey the Q (since he quit! ha ha) but K. Whited’s writing is dull dull dull … compared to nachos his snippets would be like rice cakes (hello? flavor? where are you?)

    • yeah, we had better watch it. Kevin and Cory are big wigs around these parts and drive the news, don’t you know.

      I’m sure that either Kevin, Cory or this dipweed was responsible for getting the “vacation birth a baby and get U.S. citizenship” nonsense on KHOU tonight.

    • Both of them are pompous idiots.

      • I screwed up the recording Roberto. However, it looks like the old episodes load in real time, so we can watch one on the computer and the other on tv.

        Stopping by is still fine, but don’t inconvenience your drummer to watch . . . since I screwed up the recording.

        I tried to salvage the whole deal, but I was an idiot.


        • The newer episode looks like it is loading as slowly as the others — still stop by. I got a little piece of fish, an eggplant and some feta. I will roast the eggplant and mix it with Feta and the sun-dried tomatoes and make a spread for the bread I got and then grill the fish. It will be ready when you get here or almost. So, I have dinner together. The episode will probably load better tomorrow evening. All is well despite my screw up.


  2. all is fine … kittehs recovering bit by bit from the prolonged heat wave … it’s almost 11 pm & temp is now down to 84 … better than it was so NO complaints!

    • Next time at least come by and get the water fan — though I hope there is no next time. You know me — I have a way to cool things down. . . .

      Poor kittehs!

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