This and That Again

Let me repeat, I hate (because I’m bad at it) blog titles.

In a little over a week, I will be on vacation.  YaY!  I’m taking more time this break because I have plans for the house and garden.  I will take pics to chronicle it.  Planting is not in the picture, but seedlings inside are.  I’ve got one more bed to lay in and a new compost pile.  Since it looks like all pond pumps are made in China, I’m opting for a no pump pond.  It’s a pity, since I got the electrician to put in a specific plug for a pump.   Perhaps if I keep looking, I will find a pump not made in China.  I will keep looking.

What about Man Talk at the 950 here in Houston.  On the upside, “Outlaw Dave” was nominated for best Houston talker by Houston Press.  (Sorry Michale!)  I thought about voting, but I don’t care.  If the Houston Press awarded not only Michale Berry, but a dead blog, I don’t think my vote will count much.

At any rate, the Man Talk 950 people on Facebook are complaining about the reruns — which they did again today.  Monday morning was supposed to be Chris baker from Minnesota again but they skipped that after the disaster that was Friday morning and just played MANCOW.

I know that Michale Berry lost his job managing one station.  Will managing the 950 be next?  He’s turning people off.

Michale doesn’t have the reach nor “talent” of Glenn Beck — Beck is going to march on Washington on August 28th, Michale is going to eat oiled seafood over Labor Day (while mocking the people he meets).  There is no comparison.

Michale once mentioned that someone asked him to go national.  He said he declined, but the fact is he never will.  Just listen in when he subs for Mark Levin.   He’s as tame as docile dog.  But hey, Michale is a born self-promoter and there must be something in this AM (dying, changing to Latinos music) radio for him.  Here’s just going to be a day late and a dollar short.  As always.

I wonder, at times, why my readership spikes.  It always seems to be Michale Berry supporters, but since the last time they waded in these waters, none of them are brave enough to comment.

I also wonder about this Berry Brigade to harass people, whether for good or bad.  Is Michale just trying to catch a tiger and get the same people who called all their congress people last summer to do what he wants them to?

I don’t think that will work twice.

My prediction:  Michale Berry will keep running old shows on the 950.  Pags and Dave will get mad and leave for another station, and the 950 will just be reruns (!) and their web site will just be boobs.

You heard it here first!


3 responses to “This and That Again

  1. … eating oiled seafood and mocking the people he meets … ha ha ha!

  2. I guess in 4 or 5 years down the road you could be right.

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