Michale Berry’s Priorities

Michale Berry wants to make an impact — especially with dollars (yours and his).  He rounded up a few people to go to Arizona in response to the boycotts that their legislature brought upon itself.  Now he’s looking to take yet another group to the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Let’s look at a timeline, shall we?  Michale Berry seems to be as sluggish as the U.S. Senate.  Perhaps more so.

The Arizona law was passed in April.  Berry’s response took until a convenient holiday (not Memorial Day) July the 4th.

The BP Deepwater explosion happened in April.  Berry’s response will be Labor Day.

Need I say more than this:  Berry is a typical Republican.  Wait until it’s late in the game and then make a grand gesture.

Does that remind you of anyone?

Sorry Nashville.  You were a passing fling for the wingers.  Hope you dug yourself out of the mud — oh wait, the FEDS helped you and still are?  Ok.  You are no longer useful for the radio peeps.

Did a dam break in America and drown some people?  Really.  Good luck with that.  You are not very important to wing nuts on the radio.  It’s much more important to point to BLACKITY BLACK people, including our president as racist.

Feel better now? (That’s for any defenders of Michale Berry who might still be reading this.)

Shame.  Shame on all of you.  All of you who “listen to Michale Berry and nod your heads.”


One response to “Michale Berry’s Priorities

  1. So he is going to round up some of his herd and head for Louisiana??? Haven’t those poor folks suffered enough???

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