I’m a Lucky Ducky

Our school went to the Museum of Natural Science today and I got to see

She is larger than I expected, but not quite as stinky as advertised.  She may be a bit of a dud as far as the advertised photo of what patrons could expect, but to me, it’s all good.  One negative neddie complained about all of the media hype about it, to which I responded, “It’s for the CHILDREN!!!!!”  Seriously, it’s summer and the media is lazy and this is novel and parents are looking for something *special* to do with their kids.  The homeschoolers are looking for points in particular.  REMEMBER THE CORPSE FLOWER!!! YOU WERE THERE!!!!  That should graduate the home schooled child up a grade or two.

It looks like the museum and McDonald’s made a killing if the lines are proof of anything.

For me, the Corpse flower was a little meh.  I was wowed by the IMAX.  It was HUBBLE!!!!!!  I have loved and mocked Hubble since it needed contacts and couldn’t see Voyager flying by.  Roberto and I used to say, “Voyager, where are you?”  “Over here!”  “I can’t see you, Voyager.  Where are you?”  “Here Hubble.  I’m right here Hubble.”  “Hubble!”

Anyway, the IMAX about Hubble was in 3D and damn cool.  It brought back memories (see above) and was amazing.  The 3D parts about what Hubble can see in deep space were beyond belief.  I HIGHLY recommend seeing it.

I meet a lot of people in my line of work.  They are special in that they have taken the big leap to come to another country.  For some it’s not such a big leap — they have spent most of their lives away from their home country.  For others it is a big deal.  But in the larger scheme of things, they are all people who have done something — live in another country, not just visit — that the vast majority of Americans or any other peoples have never done.

There are times that I meet someone who is really special.  These last few months I have been honored to meet one of those very special people.  He’s a young man from a country that is not so well respected in parts of this country, but I would challenge anyone to beat him at just being a descent person.  Perhaps he might comment here at some point — he seems interested.  We’ll see.  I respect him and genuinely like him.  I hope to stay in touch with him for a long time.

I’m a lucky ducky because I get to meet really special people all the time.  If I didn’t have to feed the pups and kitties and keep up the house, I would do my job for free.  It is that rewarding.

2 responses to “I’m a Lucky Ducky

  1. Hubble!!! Now that I think of it there was something about Wal-EE (the movie) which had the same Hubble/Voyager feel …

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