I’ve avoided posting

mostly because I couldn’t take it any more.

Perhaps the Obama administration sees many more of these things happening and so they took it on the chin again.

I am sick to death of “gotcha” politics.

I am sick of people demagoging other races and creeds.  It’s just hateful and wrong.

For me, let everyone in — complete amnesty.  For me, redemption is an important ingredient of life.

Let the race baiters run wild and relish in their hatred.  As for me, I welcome all comers.  This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Though we have quite a number of cowards in our midst, and they may make a lot of money off of stupid companies who think AM radio will last, I think people who advocate redemption will prevail.

Perhaps it won’t happen in my lifetime, but I have hope.

And just one thing:  if your party is the one degrading hope, then you are hopeless.  And you never wanted any hope in the first place.

I still have hope.  I hope that the oil will remain ungushing in the Gulf.  I hope that people can come together and realize that demonizing one group of Americans (the long-term unemployed) are not the enemies of the rest.  I hope that one day we will all realize just how bad Bush was.  I also hope that the withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan will go as planned.

I have said it before, I will say it again:  IT IS EASY, REALLY EASY TO GO THROUGH LIFE WITHOUT BEING CALLED A RACIST.  I could give lessons, I suppose.


One response to “I’ve avoided posting

  1. I know what you mean. Day in day out there seems to be some shocking and appalling stupidity from the right, and they do seem emboldened in their outright lying, but I’m hoping that people of goodwill and reason are keeping a low profile the way you do when there’s someone on the sidewalk up ahead in the throes of DTs. Avoid eye contact and go on about your business (including going to the polls and voting for the party that has had the guts and courage and sense of urgency to actually DO SOMETHING about the various challenges facing the country & planet). The loonies will rave and hallucinate and make shit up and crowd together like slaphappy zombies but they will not win.

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