Turtle! Pups!

I love my puppies!

I moved the turtle over with a broom.

No turtles were hurt in the production of these videos.  Dora went out not too long after (the turtle having ‘run’ down along the fence) and while she knew something had happened, she decided to just bark at the neighbors for the hell of it.

I always like to post something about my pups shortly after a run in with the rabble- rouser teabagger types.  I don’t need a gun.


3 responses to “Turtle! Pups!

  1. Awwwwww!!!! such hardworking puppies!!!

  2. Damned at Random

    You’re lucky to have them. No telling what that turtle could have done if you were unprotected

    • You know a bit about my pups, having named my boy Murph, but you also must know that the reaction I got from my students who watched the video was the one I desired: I have some pretty scary pups.

      It’s one thing that makes me feel safe from the gun toting wingnuts who might want to shut me up. Never gonna happen.

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