Causiously Optimistic

Perhaps the oil has finally been stopped.  I know that the possibility exists that the well could leak beneath the surface.  The relief well is the only sure hope to stop it completely.

Up until 6:00 p.m., this wasn’t important enough for Michael Berry to talk about because you know what is most important to Michael Berry:  Michael Berry.  Oh, and race baiting.


2 responses to “Causiously Optimistic

  1. Damned at Random

    fingers crossed.the worst is over. I just hope the media doesn’t lose interest as fast as they did with Katrina

  2. This is one of those strange stories were you have to marvel at the complexity of the task and the skill of the engineers in getting it done … once upon a time (although this might be nostalgic mythmaking), oil companies were thought well of precisely because of the skills of their engineers and geologists, but politics and money money money have been their downfall (to quote Merlin: now nobody trusts them) … I also understand why folks at NASA would get all bristly when they keep comparing the BP accident to Apollo 13 …

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